Thursday, September 21

Bollywood Movie Night

By: Princess Jones
The third annual Bollywood Movie Night on Friday will wrap up Trevecca’s International Education Week.
The film “Dangal” (which means “Wrestling Competition” in English) will be played at the event at 7 p.m. at the Zelma Waggoner Performance Hall.
“It is the incredible true story of a father who raises four daughters and help lead two of his daughters to international fame, even though his dream was to have a son who would have done that for him. The movie captures the following themes: the traditional respect between fathers and daughters, the way girls were treated in small villages in India, and the importance given to sports in India in the early 80s,” said Roy Philip, associate professor of marketing at Trevecca and sponsor for the event.

The event gives students an opportunity to experience a different culture.
“We came up with this three years ago and the reason was because we wanted to expose the students of Trevecca to international culture. Bollywood movies usually involved a kaleidoscope of cultures both within India and the surrounding countries and the world in general,” said Philip.
Philips choose “Dangal” for three main reasons.
“One, it is by far the best I have seen come out of the Bollywood industry. Two, the importance of the topic of treatment of girls and sports in India. And three, the main actor is Bollywood’s finest. His name is Aamir Khan and he is very serious about acting. For example, in the movie, he put on 55 pounds to play the father and then, in five months, lost it all to play the young version of the father,” said Philip.
Phillip’s desire is that students leave with knowledge that will enrich their lives and give them tools for future experiences, particularly in the workforce.
“My hope is that students and guests appreciate another culture and hopefully learn from it. This will also help students prepare for the real world, as they will probably be working alongside people from other cultures,” said Phillip.


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