Trojans fall in exhibition game at Belmont

By Brittni Carmack

The Trojans 8-19 (3-8) lost an exhibition game to Div. I opponent, Belmont, 96-45 at the Curb Event Center on Tuesday.

The loss won’t hurt the Trojans, who have recently secured their spot  in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) post-season tournament set to begin later next week.

Photo provided by TNU Trojans

Photo provided by TNU Trojans

The exhibition contest originally was scheduled as a November game, but was moved back because Belmont elected to play the University of Florida on ESPN instead. [Read more…]

Security investigating third chapel equipment theft

By Brooklyn Dance

When the chapel band on Feb. 7 showed up to Boone Convocation Center to warm up, they realized their keyboard was gone.

For the second time this year, a keyboard that belongs to the university and is used for chapel has been stolen.  A set of drums owned by a student member of the band was also recently stolen.  The two keyboards are valued at $3,000.

Trevecca security officials are investigating the incident.

“There hasn’t been any forced entry, no broken windows or kicked doors,”  said Greg Dawson, director of security.  “We are waiting to review video so we can determine how they gained access.”

The building was locked when the theft happened and Dawson said the keyboard was stolen within an eight-hour window between security locking up the building on the previous Monday night and chapel band arriving the following morning to set up.

The last week of Christmas break another keyboard was stolen, as well as a set of drums owned by Michael Shelton, junior and drummer in the chapel band.

Security officers are patrolling the area around Boone more frequently and keeping the doors locked when the building is not in use.  Some of the locks have been changed to operate in a more secure manner, said Dawson. 

They also plan to add more security cameras inside the convocation area, Dawson said.

Installing more cameras is part of a larger university-wide initiative to make the campus more safe, he said.

“It’s not cheap, we have to do a little at a time,” Dawson said.  “A lot of time that priority is based on when an incident occurs- this [incident] has bumped the rest of the Boone Building up on the priority.”

Theft is the number one incident on campus, and it usually is on any college campus, Dawson said.

“Make sure you’re securing things in a space,” Dawson said.  “Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, take away the temptation to want to take it.”

How to make the most of the Career Fair

By Princess Jones
Students who are planning to attend the career fair on Thursday might be overwhelmed or have many questions about how to act when they get there.
Nichole Hubbs, coordinator of career services, said there are some simple things to do to prepare to make the best impression.
“A student can plan to dress nicely, update their resume and they can do research to see what companies will be available at the fair,” said Hubbs.
The Career Fair, scheduled for tomorrow at Nissan Stadium, will include 69 business and 11 colleges and universities. School districts from Middle Tennessee and other states will be present at the fair as well. 

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Community Conversations discusses body image

By Blake Stewart

For students in college, learning to care for and love their body is important part of their spiritual formation.

A discussion about body image issues, expectations, finding a healthy balance and implementing God into that plan was the focus of Monday’s Community Conversations.

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Students and Faculty prepare for 2017 TAG trips

By Hannah Pollok

Teams of students and faculty sponsors will head out on on mission trips to serve in Mexico, Croatia and the Philippines.

The first Trevecca Around the Globe trip of the year will be to Monterrey, Mexico during spring break. Matt Toy, associate vice president of marketing and communications, and his wife Melissa will lead a team of nine female students on the trip. The team will be working with Back2Back ministries, an international Christian non-profit organization with a holistic approach to orphan care ministry.

Toy worked with Back2Back ministries in 1997 on a high school mission trip. After learn-ing about the connection, he was asked to lead Trevecca’s spring TAG trip.

“The trip that I took 20 years ago really shaped my life. I pray that this trip can have some of the same effect on the students that go on the trip,” said Toy.

The team will be doing manual labor depending on the needs of the children’s homes and the communities that Back2Back serves in Monterrey. They will also be spending time with the children in the homes.

Sophomore Anna Cypher, student leader on the trip, has been on several trips with Back2Back ministries and has interned with them in Monterrey.

“I have formed so many meaningful relationships with staff, kids, and caregivers that I am so eager to work with again. I am most excited for this trip because I love Trevecca, the city of Monterrey, and the heart of B2B so much, and getting to see all of those parts of my life collide is going to be so beautiful,” said Cypher.

Trevecca will also be sending a team to Croatia, led by Levi Osborne, Terrace Apartments resident director. This trip was originally planned as a trip to Serbia, but has recently been changed to Croatia because the team believes the country is better suited for Trevecca’s TAG team.

“The changes were not made for safety reasons, which we monitor closely. Serbia and Croatia share much in common and offer an incredible opportunity to learn a new and rich culture. Pray for our students as they go out to be salt and light,” said Shawna Gaines, university chaplain. “We send students out to be servants and ultimately felt they could best be of service in Croatia. Since we announced the trip, many factors in Serbia have changed, primarily related to our partnerships with local personnel and secondarily related to legal perimeters imposed on aid and assistance for refugee communities.”

From May 8-23, the Croatia TAG team will be working alongside local personnel and serving diverse people groups, including refugees.

“We anticipate a really wonderful Croatia trip this summer. We have worked in Croatia every summer for the last five years and have strong partnerships with local leaders and missionaries in that region,” said Gaines.

This summer, Trevecca will also be partnering with the church of the Nazarene in Manila, Philippines. The trip will be led by Jason Adkins, environmental projects coordinator and Sara Hopkins, director of counseling services. From May 9-24 the team will be working with families in poverty and focusing on sustainable gardening and education. They may also be working with sex trafficking rescue organizations while in Manila.

Jasmine Hiland, coordinator for Trevecca Around the Globe, said students should strive to encounter a different culture.

“This is a really good opportunity to catch a vision of what God is doing in the world. Usually when people get out of their typical bubble and rhythm and see people doing ministry in a variety of ways, it impacts them. It makes them start to discern what mission looks like in their own life,” said Hiland. “TAG is for everyone, not just for people who want to be missionaries. We really hope these trips are foundational for all.”

Trevecca’s first Family Feud event next Friday

By Alexis Garcia

Students who want to build a family and compete at Trevecca’s first “Family Feud” game show, should be ready to sign up during 11 a.m. on Monday.


SGA is hosting its first “Family Feud” game show on Fri. Feb. 17 and the first eight teams to sign up will get to compete in the show.


Forty students will face off in teams of eight to answer questions based on surveys.

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The first iWork meeting of the semester held last week

By Princess Jones

Trevecca student workers milled around, in search of someone to shake hands with.

Some confidently smiled and introduced themselves to someone, others looked around nervously trying to build up the courage to approach a representative of a Nashville company.

The exercise, one of many to increase the professionalism of Trevecca students, was part of the first iWork All Employee meeting of the semester last week.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.11.23 PM.png

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