Lady Trojans looking for success

By Kallie Sohm

Conference play is here for Trevecca women’s soccer. The team has 10 new players all of whom are freshmen.

The Lady Trojans had a 0-3-2 record before G-MAC conference play started on Saturday Sept. 21 against Kentucky Wesleyan University.

“We have a ridiculously hard schedule pre-conference and I did that intentionally so that we can be prepared for conference,” said Kelsey Fenix head women’s soccer coach.

Trevecca lost 0-2 to West Florida University who was ranked eighth in the nation at the time. They also fell 0-3 to Lee University now ranked fifth in the nation and ranked 12 at the time of the game.

NCAA soccer had a shorter preseason this year. Normally two weeks are allowed for training prior to game play. This year was only a week due to it being a festival year.

“Division II is the only NCAA division that conducts ‘National Championships Festivals,’ Olympic-style events in which a number of national championships are held at a single site over several days,”

Fenix said the team captains brought the
girls together for team bonding activities before the short preseason began. She said their leadership is contributing to a great team culture.

Fenix said her team has an invaluable strength in having all four of the team’s seniors on the defensive side of the ball. She said she’s able to trust them and focus on other aspects of the game in training.

“This [the team] is just a special group of people,” said Fenix “We don’t want to just be about soccer and I think we have a team that really buys into that now.”

The Lady Trojan’s next two games are home games against Cedarville University at 7 p.m. Thursday Sept. 26 and Ohio Dominican University at 2:30 p.m. Saturday Sept. 28.

Men’s soccer ready for G-MAC

By Kallie Sohm

Preseason is over for Trevecca men’s soccer. The team has 12 new players and is in the beginnings of G-MAC conference play.

The team currently has a 1-2 record. They are preparing to play Cedarville at 4:30 p.m. Thursday Sept. 26 at home.

“We had a really good preseason,” said Danny Leavy, head men’s soccer coach, “From a team chemistry stand point, it was really productive because we brought in so many new players this year.”

Leavy said a highlight of preseason was seeing how the new team trains together.

“Last year’s group loved to play soccer with each other and this group really enjoys playing soccer for each other,” said Leavy.

Will Thompson, freshman goalkeeper, started in the first game of the season. Leavy said the coaching staff had originally expected Thompson to be on the reserve team this season. Tyler Delgato, senior goalkeeper was injured in preseason. Thompson continued to improve in training he was given the opportunity to play with the first team.

“He just kept improving and his confidence kept growing in preseason; he really came to the front as a result of preseason,” said Leavy.

Nicolas Reinhard assistant coach said there are currently five players recovering from injuries – two of which are redshirting this year.

The Trojans next two games will be at home against Cedarville at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday Sept. 26 and at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday Sept. 28.

Basketball and soccer to debut junior varsity teams this year

By Kallie Sohm

More than 40 new athletes enrolled at Trevecca as part of a junior varsity athletic team.

This year is the first year the athletic department has fielded multiple junior varsity teams.

Men’s basketball junior varsity is in its second year with three returning players. This academic year will be women’s basketball and men’s soccer’s first year of having secondary teams in their programs.

“I think it’s already serving its purpose,” said Danny Leavy head men’s soccer coach.

Last spring, Dan Boone, Trevecca president, said the university wanted to add 100 additional athletes within the next four years. The addition of junior varsity teams has been the first step toward that goal.

Chad Hibdon, head women’s basketball coach, said he and Goodson were looking for “missional fits” when recruiting for the women’s junior varsity team.

“You really have to look for that person who just simply loves competing at the sport and it really doesn’t matter to them whether they are playing varsity or JV; they just want, during college, to continue to play ball,” said Boone.“… it [junior varsity] gives us some opportunities to say yes to more of those kinds of students.”

The men’s soccer program uses and refers to their junior varsity team as a reserve team. This system is similar to a professional club system where players are brought up and down between the two teams based on performance or to recover from injury.

All three of the new teams have an assistant coach from their program who acts as a head junior varsity coach. Men’s basketball junior varsity is coached by Reece Chamberlain, men’s soccer reserves is coached by Nicolas Reinhard and women’s basketball junior varsity by Trevor Goodson

“I was at Lindsey Wilson College for the last three years as the assistant varsity coach and head JV coach there,” said Goodson. “I’m hoping to be able to bring what I learned there in terms of the JV program over to here.”

Hibdon said their junior varsity team has 10 games scheduled. He said they will be playing those games against NAIA and junior varsity teams.

Chamberlain said men’s basketball junior varsity has 11 games on its schedule and he is looking for at least one more. He said the junior varsity team played three games last year.

“Last year was a little different because a lot of the JV guys actually dressed out for a few varsity games,” said Chamberlain.

The men’s soccer reserve team has eight games total on their schedule. The team lost its first two games to Covenant College and Cumberland University.

Both junior varsity basketball teams will begin full practice Oct. 15 along with their varsity teams.