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Counseling Center still operating virtually
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Counseling Center still operating virtually

By Diana Leyva Jacob Caitlin Lassiter, a Trevecca senior, sits in her bedroom, careful not to disrupt her roommates, and prepares for her online counseling session.   Lassiter is one of many students to access counseling remotely on campus since August.    To lower the risk of contagion and abide by COVID-19 regulations, counseling services have moved completely online. Students can request a session and meet with a counselor via Telehealth.   Sarah Hopkins, director of counseling services, said since COVID began she has seen an increase in loneliness and people struggling with how to access good resources and support during this time.   “Anxiety and depression are typically the number one causes of counseling referrals on any college camp...
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Trevecca counseling center works to support DACA students

By: Maria Monteros On every corkboard and poster wall on campus, Sara Hopkins and her team of counselors put up signs on campus inviting DACA and minority students to join their support groups. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients are just as likely to enroll in college as the average American aged 15-32 at 18 percent versus 20 percent, a 2017 study from the Migration Policy Institute indicated. However, only 4 percent end up graduating compared to the 18 percent national average, the study states. In response, the counseling center has begun training counselors to handle multicultural issues. They’ve also partnered with various organizations on campus such as Futuro and the Diversity Council in holding talks and providing the space for these conversations to happen,...
SWEET team events helps students grow mentally and holistically
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SWEET team events helps students grow mentally and holistically

By Kayla Williamson Navigating safety in Nashville, dating, and sexual health are just an example of the topics covered at SWEET team events. SWEET stands for Student Well-being Education Engagement at Trevecca. During the semester, the SWEET team hosts events dedicated to topics that are not usually discussed around campus. With the help of SGA (Student Body Government), Diversity group, Title IX, Resident Directors, and counseling center staff, the SWEET team has already hosted two events for the Fall 2020 semester. “I don’t think a lot of student’s know about us,” said Miller Folk, Counselor. “Attendance has been really low.” New Town Road, Safety in the City, which occurred Sept. 3, provided students with advice about navigating Nashville. A Nashville police officer gave tips on ...
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Counseling center works to keep up with increase in requests

Madison Bowers, a freshman at Trevecca, applied for an appointment at the counseling center after experiencing major anxiety at the beginning of November and waited for a response. When an email came in three days later, she opened it to find she’d been waitlisted and provided with self-care tips until they could find a place for her, which didn’t happen until the last day of the month. (more…)
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Counseling Center Creates New Group Therapy Workshop

By Blake Stewart The Trevecca Counseling Center is now offering three 50-minute group sessions a week because of a large increase in student demand for counseling services. In the past year, the number of counseling hours provided to students has quadrupled from 1,557 in fall of 2015 to 2,310 in fall of 2016, according to Sara Hopkins, director of counseling services. Last week the counseling center launched its first continual group therapy workshop called Recognition Insight and Openness (RIO). “RIO is simple. It is powerful for someone who really needs therapy, but also helpful for basic mindfulness”, said Jennifer Neely, coordinator for counseling and vocational engagement. Each session will be focused on one of the three topics from R.I.O (Recognition, Insight and Openness). R...
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Experiencing FoMo Linked to Social Media

By Brooklyn Dance Paige Suckley, a freshman nursing major, heard about Trevecca’s silent disco at the beginning of second semester and thought it sounded fun.  None of Suckley’s friends wanted to join her,  so she didn’t end up going. Later, Suckley saw Snapchat stories of others having fun at the silent disco and quickly became upset she didn’t attend. “They were all singing and dancing and I love singing and dancing and it made me wish I would have gone,” Suckley said. Now, Suckley said she tries to go to every event so she never has to experience that feeling. “This is when I first realized I had FoMo,” Suckley said. Suckley isn’t alone. According to experts both on and off campus, FoMo, or the Fear of Missing Out, is real.   The term was first coine...
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Ladies fireside chat creates healthy dialogue

By Alyssa Valletta Handling emotions, learning to set boundaries, and healthy sexuality are a few of the topics female students on campus are discussing with each other, Trevecca RDs and other women leaders. For the second year, Counseling Services is teaming up with RDs to offer female students a safe place to ask questions about everything from friendship to sex to avoiding too-busy schedules. “This is a way to reach out to people, the women specifically, who may feel like they don’t need counseling necessarily,” said Amanda Daly, director of counseling services. (more…)
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Counseling and resident hall directors fire up womens chats

By Shadaye Hunnicutt Sex, non-committal make outs and how to be happy as a single person are among the topics Trevecca women have a chance to ask questions about on a regular basis this year. Fireside Chats, a new program this year, was designed to give female students  a safe place to get advice and ask questions about relationship issues they face as college students. Designed by Amanda Daly, director of  Counseling Services, and women’s RD’s, the series focuses on issues that Daly and the RD’s hear the most about from young women on campus. The four sessions have covered the topics: healthy relationships, non-committal make-outs, being single and the most popular: a question and answer session about sex. (more…)