Club Rush Debuted Three New Clubs

By Princess Jones

Three new clubs are available to Trevecca students this year.

Ultimate Frisbee, Debate Club and Board Game Club were created this year by students who are interested in offering more ways to be involved.

The clubs debuted at the annual Club Rush event in September. They were among a total of 13 clubs promoting themselves to incoming freshman and transfers students.

“It was really exciting especially to see how passionate each of the groups is about what they are doing, especially the new clubs. Ultimate Frisbee club wants to compete with other schools”said Laura Wade, SGA vice president.

The new clubs have to sign a Constitution of Charter that must be reviewed by the members of SGA. The students then had to present their club to SGA who then votes to accept the students as a temporary club. After that term the clubs become a fully pledge club within the Trevecca community.

“I believe Club Rush did help our club. When we initially talked about getting the debate club together we already had 25 people interested in joining the club. When club rush happened we had 15 new people sign up to be a part of our club,” said Joshua Wilburn, president of the debate club.

The main goal of club rush is to get new students involved in the community. Alongside Treveccca clubs there are organizations and ministries promoting themselves.

“We don’t have a ton of clubs here but we have ministry groups, campus ministry and other ways to get involved.  So it’s not all clubs, but we still call it Club Rush” said Matt Spraker, sponsor for Club Rush and associate dean of students for community life.

Club Rush has been an event at Trevecca for more than 30 years.

“When I came here 11 years ago it was happening and when I was a student in the 90s we had it. A purpose of the event is to plug students into a different area on campus and to connect students with each other and with the university, because there is personal growth when you get into a club or into an organization or ministry group.” said Spraker.

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