Thursday, September 28

Late night finals help available

By Joseph Hutton

Therapy dogs at Wake the Dead last year

For the first time, Waggoner library and the CLCS will be collaborating to prepare students for finals week.

In the past, Waggoner’s Wake the Dead has allowed students to stay up later to finish last minute work. This year, the CLCS will also be extending its hours.

Starting this Saturday, both Waggoner and the CLCS will provide additional hours, snacks, and Abba Java coffee. Along with academic assistance, fun activities will be offered to give students a break and de-stress. Pet therapy dogs, pizza and snacks, and postcards to send home will be provided at designated times.

Waggoner has encouraged professors to meet with any students Sunday night. The library is hopeful for students and professors to meet for any needed reviews.

“The big goal is the success for students to feel prepared for finals,” said Priscilla Speer, coordinator of library events.

Check the dates below to see what will be available for students.


Sat. May 2

Extended hours 10a.m. – 10p.m.

Sun. May 3

Wake the Dead 2p.m. – 2a.m.
Pet Therapy Dogs 7-8p.m.
Faculty Review 8-10p.m.

Mon. May 4

Wake the Dead 2p.m. – 2a.m.
Pet Therapy Dogs 7 – 8p.m.
Writing tutors 6 – 8p.m.

Tues. May 5

Wake the Dead 2p.m. – 2a.m.
Pet Therapy Dogs 7 – 8p.m.
O-Fish-Ally almost done with finals


Sun. May 3

Crunch Time (complete with crunchy snacks and Abba Java coffee)
Tutors 8p.m. till close (midnight)

Mon. May 4

Pizza Prep 8 – 9p.m.
Tutors till close (10p.m.)

Tues. MAY 5

Tutors till close (10p.m.)

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