Annual Taste the Nations this Friday

Thirty students from 30 different countries on Friday will host the 10th annual Taste the Nations.
 Trevecca’s international Students’ Club hosts the event each year.  The evening includes dinner from each culture represented and a program that includes songs, dances, skits and scripture reading.
The club will end the event by reading scripture in the 22 different languages represented, as well as singing Amazing Grace in four different languages.

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FOX 17’s Town Hall Meeting to be held in TSAC

by Brooklyn Dance

FOX17 is holding a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. tonight in Trevecca’s Tarter Student Activity Center.

The meeting will discuss Nashville’s future in relation to the city’s rapid growth and worsening traffic, moderated by FOX 17’s Scott Couch and ‘Traffic Jam’ Sam.

Officials from Nashville’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, (MTA) Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Tennessee Department of Transportation, (TDOT) the Metro Nashville Transportation director and Metro Planing Organization (MPO) will discuss ideas to alleviate the traffic congestion.

Trevecca has been hosting town hall meetings for two years now.

Matt Toy, director of marketing and communications, said that FOX originally reached out to Trevecca, looking for a good venue close to Nashville.

“FOX really loves TSAC,” Toy said,  “It’s a room you can do a lot with.  It’s easy to get to, [it has] easy parking, they love the set up.”

Toy said Trevecca appreciates hosting the town hall meetings because it is great exposure for the school, and it really gets people on campus.

To read FOX’s story on tonight’s event click here.


WHO: FOX 17 News

WHAT: STEER CLEAR Town hall meeting

WHEN: Tonight, March 30th, 6 p.m.


WHY: discussing traffic and Nashville’s growth


Trevecca songwriter’s organize to form the Trevecca Songwriter’s Association

By Zach Farnum

Songwriters who attend Trevecca are organizing themselves to make their mark on the music industry.

Around 20 students have joined the Trevecca Songwriter’s Association (TSA), an organization aimed at supporting songwriters.

L to R: Trevecca senior Hamil Rich, Lisa Brokop, Kim McLean, and Trevecca junior, Jake Neumar perform at the Bluebird Cafe

Songwriting has always been one of the most integral parts of the music industry. Over the years, Trevecca has increasingly encouraged these artists on campus to hone their skills by providing more classes geared towards educating on industry standards and best practices, club members said.

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Friday Night Live returns to campus

by Zach Farnum

FNL cast dances to popular songs

Trevecca students packed Benson Auditorium Friday night for two consecutive showings of “Friday Night Live.”

The annual SGA sponsored event is one of the most anticipated student events of the school year.

“[FNL] has developed a reputation for being extremely entertaining and funny with great production, while gently poking fun of ourselves,” said Matt Spraker, associate dean of students for community life.

The night, hosted by fiancées Amanda Grieme and CJ Bradley, included a plethora of skits and videos put together and performed by students and echoing well-known sketches from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

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Basketball coaches set win records

By Collin Welker

Both of Trevecca’s basketball coaches have made school history this year.

Sam Harris, the men’s basketball coach, has now won 326 games as Trevecca coach. Gary Van Atta, the women’s basketball coach, passed the 600 win mark in January and now has 190 wins at Trevecca under his belt.

“There is not a win that really pops in my head. We have beaten ranked opponents before,” said Harris.

Chris Elliot, junior shooting guard on the men’s team, said playing for Harris means being pushed to be the best on and off the court.

“He’s a good guy, leads by Christ, and pushes us to be better athletes on the court and better people off the court,” said Elliot. “It is really cool knowing you are a part of history when you leave here.” Continue reading Basketball coaches set win records

Trevecca brings immigration debate to the table

By: Manon Lane
Christians have a Biblically-mandated duty to welcome immigrants, a speaker and author told students and faculty on Thursday  at a luncheon to discuss immigration reform.
Author Matthew Soerens spoke to students and faculty at a luncheon sponsored by the Evangelical Immigration Table, and the J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice.
“As a university, we ask ourselves, “How can we be a good neighbor?” said James Casler, director of the Center for Social Justice.

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Chance to see “Selma” for free tonight

by Zach Farnum

Treveccselma_imagesa students on Thursday can go see “Selma”, a movie about the voting rights march from Selma Montgomery, Ala, for free.

Trevecca SGA will be sponsoring the trip so tickets are free with a SLAP card and regular cinema ticket price without. The movie will begin at 7:20 p.m. with two vans leaving from the Hub at 6:45 p.m. for Opry Mills Cinema.

This event is part of Trevecca’s multicultural and diversity program as February is Black History Month. Continue reading Chance to see “Selma” for free tonight

Urban farm loses four pigs, ramps up security measures

Photo c/o Jason Adkins.

By Christy Ulmet

A recent attack on some of Trevecca’s urban farm animals forced Jason Adkins, environmental projects coordinator and farm operator, to reinforce some security measures on the farm.

On Tuesday, January 6, a pack of four stray dogs made their way into the pigpen and attacked some Juliana miniature pigs. While one pig managed to escape the attack and make its way to a nearby business, four of the pigs did not survive. Continue reading Urban farm loses four pigs, ramps up security measures

Trevecca student-led band advances to round two in local music contest


By Christy Ulmet

Phin, a band of Trevecca students, alumni, and a sibling of a student, advanced to the second round in Lightning 100’s Sixth Annual Music City Mayhem.

Music City Mayhem is an annual contest hosted by Lightning 100 in which over 340 bands auditioned for this year. The contest is set up in a bracket system, like March Madness, and begins with 32 bands. Bands are paired together randomly to run up against one another, and the contest goes on until four bands are left. Continue reading Trevecca student-led band advances to round two in local music contest