Tuesday, May 17

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FOX 17’s Town Hall Meeting to be held in TSAC

by Brooklyn Dance FOX17 is holding a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. tonight in Trevecca’s Tarter Student Activity Center. The meeting will discuss Nashville’s future in relation to the city’s rapid growth and worsening traffic, moderated by FOX 17’s Scott Couch and ‘Traffic Jam’ Sam. Officials from Nashville’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, (MTA) Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Tennessee Department of Transportation, (TDOT) the Metro Nashville Transportation director and Metro Planing Organization (MPO) will discuss ideas to alleviate the traffic congestion. Trevecca has been hosting town hall meetings for two years now. Matt Toy, director of marketing and communications, said that FOX originally reached out to Trevecca, looking for a good venue close to Nashville. “FOX really...
Trevecca parking reaching maximum capacity
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Trevecca parking reaching maximum capacity

By Jessy Anne Walters Finding a place to park on campus is more difficult than it used to be. With a record enrollment at Trevecca this year, the estimated 1,400 parking spaces on campus are 98 percent full every day. But, with special events on campus, like TNT@TNU, there are more cars than parking spaces. (more…)
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Reba makes an appearance at Trevecca

By Christy Ulmet “A single mom who works two jobs, who loves her kids and never stops. With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter. I’m a survivor." Those words sound familiar? You might have heard the theme song from the TV show “Reba” if you were anywhere near the Boone Convocation Center Saturday afternoon. More than 200 women from the Nashville Rescue Mission dressed in their Sunday best, loaded a few coach buses, and made their way to the Boone building for a luncheon fundraiser, hosted by the Rescue Mission. They were joined by an additional large group of women who came to the event in support of the nonprofit. (more…)
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Cafeteria face-lift starts surprises for campus changes

By Rachel Swann While students were lying on the beach and traveling Europe for spring break, administrators made a few changes to campus to surprise them when they got back. The most apparent: the addition of 90 seats, 20 tables and six outdoors heaters to the cafeteria’s patio area. New university executive vice president for finance and administration, David Caldwell, came into his position this semester with plans to make Trevecca’s campus a place for students to have a nice living space. (more…)
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Marketing made emergency move

By Rachel Swann Jan Greathouse, Director of University Communication and her staff were told at noon Feb. 11 to start packing and in four days they were surrounded by boxes, empty filing cabinets, and cleared bookshelves ready for the movers. The Office of External Relations and Marketing is camping out on the main floor of the Adams Administration Building until Apr. 1 when university administrators make decisions about where the department will be located until their move to a permanent location. The offices made an emergency move on Feb. 16 after engineering inspectors deemed the third floor, where they were, structurally unstable. (more…)