Tuesday, October 3

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First Generation Graduate Hired as Diversity Coordinator

By Bailey Basham When Brodrick Thomas was younger, it was his dream to play football at Auburn. For Thomas, however, getting through school wasn’t easy. “My mom dropped out of junior high school, so she didn’t have any education and didn’t really understand it very much. My dad died when I was in fifth grade, and she had to take on multiple jobs to keep us fed and under shelter. She didn’t have the knowledge to help me, but she was always a strong advocate of education,” said Thomas. “When I first went to college, my mom had no idea of how to help me in any way.”   (more…)

All work, no pay? The ethics behind unpaid internships

 By Autumn Woodard In June 2013, a Manhattan judge ruled in favor of two interns who weren’t paid for their time working with Fox Entertainment Industry. Instead of completely wiping out the unpaid internship, stricter guidelines were put in place. To be considered ethical, unpaid internships must meet Labor Department guidelines. (more…)
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Trevecca Women team up for fitness challenge

By Shadaye Hunnicutt Kaylee Harrell and Rebekah Dunn sit on the couches in the Tennessee Hall lobby debating whether or not a package of fruit snacksis considered a dessert. The sophomores have just finished working out and are trying not to be tempted by the candy bars for sale in the lobby. For the past week the women of Tennessee and Georgia Halls have been trying to cut calories, exercise and explore the ways fitness are connected to a healthy spiritual life. (more…)