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Trevecca hosts G92 forum on undocumented immigration

By Bailey Basham Matthew Soerens, author of Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Truth, and Compassion in the Immigration Debates and church training specialist with World Relief, conducted a forum on campus last week about the Christian response to undocumented immigration. This forum was sponsored by the J.V. Morsch Center of Social Justice, the Evangelical Immigration Table, and G92, a student-led organization that strives to understand and make sense of to others the challenges and opportunities of immigration in ways that are consistent with biblical values of justice, compassion, and hospitality. (more…)
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Spiritual Deepening Week at Trevecca

by Bailey Basham Next week, February 2-6, students and faculty will gather for Trevecca’s bi-annual Spiritual Deeping Week. Deirdre Bower-Latz, president of Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, England, will be delivering a series of messages inspired by Psalm 42:7 and will be wrestling with what the scripture means in regards to her own faith and spiritual journey. (more…)
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SGA: Glow with the Flow is still a go

By Rachel Swann One of Trevecca’s most popular social events will not be canceled this year—it will just be different. Glow with the Flow, a night that included techno music, glow sticks and inflatable bounce games in the past, is still on the calendar. But this year students can expect the inflatables to be gone and new activities still in the works to take their place. Rest assured the spring night designed to help students celebrate the end of the school year will be glowing. (more…)