Thursday, September 23

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Self-defense class to be offered in fall semester

By Lindsey White Sarah Anne Colwell, a Trevecca student, was shopping at Macy’s at Greenhill's Mall, while talking on the phone. She noticed a young woman staring at her and immediately felt uncomfortable with the situation. The woman approached her as soon as she got off the phone and pleaded with Colwell, asking her to follow her to her car and buy some shoes she was trying to sell.   “This did not feel right, there's something up. She just had this weird look on her face, I knew it was off,” said Colwell.   Colwell remembered a tip she had learned in the self-defense class she took at Trevecca. She asked a sales associate to walk with her to her car and got out of there.    “I wouldn’t have thought to ask a cashier to walk to my car with m...