Monday, October 2

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Campus News

Trevecca hosts G92 forum on undocumented immigration

By Bailey Basham Matthew Soerens, author of Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Truth, and Compassion in the Immigration Debates and church training specialist with World Relief, conducted a forum on campus last week about the Christian response to undocumented immigration. This forum was sponsored by the J.V. Morsch Center of Social Justice, the Evangelical Immigration Table, and G92, a student-led organization that strives to understand and make sense of to others the challenges and opportunities of immigration in ways that are consistent with biblical values of justice, compassion, and hospitality. (more…)
Campus News

Trevecca brings immigration debate to the table

By: Manon Lane Christians have a Biblically-mandated duty to welcome immigrants, a speaker and author told students and faculty on Thursday  at a luncheon to discuss immigration reform. Author Matthew Soerens spoke to students and faculty at a luncheon sponsored by the Evangelical Immigration Table, and the J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice. “As a university, we ask ourselves, “How can we be a good neighbor?” said James Casler, director of the Center for Social Justice. (more…)