Tuesday, March 28

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Students Recall Damage Caused By Flooding To Their Hometown of Waverly, TN

By Diana Leyva Student Body President, Hunter Elliot, woke up early on the morning of Aug. 21. He grabbed his phone, checked Facebook and saw that 66 miles away, in his hometown of Waverly, massive flooding was taking place.  According to the Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency, 20 people were killed, 270 homes were destroyed and 160 suffered major damage.  Flood damage along Trace Creek in Waverly. Photo courtesy of The Associated Press. In shock, he began calling family members. Initially there wasn’t much concern from his family, but as time went by the water began to rise.  “I tried to call my mom, and she was like yeah the water is starting to get really high. She said I'm just really scared right now,” he said.  As the hours passed Elli...