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Chapel Redesign Moves Services Across Campus, Online for Spring 2021 Semester
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Chapel Redesign Moves Services Across Campus, Online for Spring 2021 Semester

Trevecca chapel is back to meeting in-person this semester and requirements and fines will be enforced again. After a semester of no required attendance and all virtual chapels, a return to previous chapel plans and requirements is underway.  Students will be required to wear masks and socially distance and the number of required chapels is 14 this semester, instead of the usual 24. Online viewing was down last semester when attendance wasn’t a requirement, so a shift back to mandatory chapel credits is necessary to get students to engage with the content on a regular basis, University Chaplain Erik Gernand said.  With more than 24 options for attendance this semester, Worship & Witness chapels will be held Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. in Boone Convocation, Benson Audito...
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Rachel Held Evans speaks at Trevecca

By Christy Ulmet Thursday morning, Trevecca brought in a special guest named Rachel Held Evans to lead the weekly chapel service. She told a story about a yearlong experiment she tried, which led her to the conclusion that, “It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it.” Evans, New York Times bestselling author of “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” and blogger, spoke Thursday morning in chapel, and she will be back tonight as a part of the Common Ground series. Evans has written three books about her experience growing up in the church and wrestling with some of the hot button topics, such as changes in the modern church, biblical womanhood and learning to admit that we don’t know everything, and that it’s okay to ask questions. (more…)...
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Spiritual Deepening Week at Trevecca

by Bailey Basham Next week, February 2-6, students and faculty will gather for Trevecca’s bi-annual Spiritual Deeping Week. Deirdre Bower-Latz, president of Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, England, will be delivering a series of messages inspired by Psalm 42:7 and will be wrestling with what the scripture means in regards to her own faith and spiritual journey. (more…)
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Trevecca students raise money for reentry into Croatia

By Amy Taylor A group of five Trevecca students and alumni need to raise about $100,000 if their dream of establishing a Nazarene ministry in Croatia is going to come true. The Trevecca students, who will serve as Mission Corps volunteers through the Church of the Nazarene, are planning to leave for Croatia in August  as the Nazarene Church’s first missionaries there in five years. “It’s a really good opportunity and a huge step for the Nazarene Church letting college students go in,” Emily Humble, a member of the team, said. (more…)
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Administrators crackdown on disruptive chapel behavior

By Amy Taylor Mandy Goon is used to students being disruptive while she’s leading worship in chapel; but, when they’re loud during communion, it really irritates her. “It’s not respectful. We’re supposed to be adults. People want to be treated as adults, and they don’t act like it,” Goon said. Trevecca administrators are cracking down on disruptive behavior in chapel after hearing from several students that some students are making worship difficult by talking and laughing during the service. (more…)
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Chapel speaker causes controversy

By Amy Taylor A small group of students walked out of a February chapel service at Trevecca because they felt they were being falsely accused of racism and terrorism. More than 70 students have since become fans of a Facebook group advocating that the speaker not be invited back to campus. Reverend Gwendolyn Felder-Brown, the pastor of Ernest Newman United Methodist Church in Nashville and the united campus minister of the Wesley Foundation at Fisk University, was asked by the Office of the Chaplain at Trevecca to speak during chapel on February 25, 2010. (more…)