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Student development restructures staff positions
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Student development restructures staff positions

By Maci Weeks The Animal Print Link Group holds an impromptu sack race. Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing. In an effort to optimize its effectiveness, Trevecca’s Center for Student Development has implemented changes to its structure.  In February 2021, Jessica Dykes, dean of student development, announced that a restructuring would be happening within the coming months.  “We believe that by restructuring these professional roles, we will strengthen our efforts to provide cohesive, intentional student experiences from orientation to graduation,” Dykes said.  Megan McGhee, who is currently on maternity leave, has moved into the role of assistant dean of student life. This position is new this year and puts McGhee over multiple student life affairs, includin...
Student athletes stay ready for season amidst new practice regulations
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Student athletes stay ready for season amidst new practice regulations

With COVID restrictions limiting practices for Trevecca’s sports teams, student athletes have found new ways to keep themselves prepared for their coming seasons.  In light of COVID-19, Trevecca’s volleyball and men’s and women’s soccer seasons have been pushed to spring. In compliance with NCAA’s Resocialization of Collegiate Sport guidelines, practices are not happening as they regularly would. Instead, coaches have to rely on their athletes to find ways to keep themselves in shape and mentally prepared for the newly moved season.  One way some of the freshman athletes have been both socializing and keeping themselves fit is by utilizing the sand volleyball courts on campus. Nightly games of pickup sand volleyball occurred during the first few weeks of school, allowing...
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Students stay fit while social distancing

When on campus, Micah Dearing goes to the gym five times a week, but now he's forced to come up with a new plan to keep himself in shape. “When quarantine first started, my roommates and I made this whole workout routine, and we stuck with it for a while. Eventually, as we all slowly headed home and got hit with schoolwork we stopped lifting altogether," he said. "But I do try and get outside and stay semi-fit. I dug my old bike ride out of my shed and cleaned it up. Now I ride that for a few miles every day.” Dearing is not the only one who has had to change up his routine to find new ways to stay fit. Students who find themselves at home with limited fitness equipment and space are trying to find new ways of staying in shape. Courtney Hodgin is a member of Trevecca’...
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Athletes’ spring season comes to an end

By Adam Goolsby and Maci Weeks On March 11, students at Trevecca were told their spring break would be extended because of the Coronavirus. During this time, students were told that outdoor athletics would continue as planned for the time being. Just six days later, each student at Trevecca was asked to pack up and head home for the summer, athletes included. During March, all spring sports seasons were canceled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With previous spring seasons ending in May of 2019 last year, spring athletes at Trevecca had been preparing for this season for eight full months. Now, because of canceled seasons, athletes will be in offseason for nearly a full year before they play another game. The NCAA passed legislation that will grant extra eligibility to players w...