Don’t panic: Study help available on campus all week

by Stephen Rudge

Abba JavaFinals are coming and students starting to panic should know there is help available during the next several days.

For instance, students needing a mental break before finals can go to a free relaxation seminar on Monday.

Floating on a Cloud, a 15 minute relaxation session, will offer students a chance to clear their minds before taking their tests.

“It is open to anybody who is feeling the stress of finals week and needs to relax for a few minutes, ” said Jenn Neely, coordinator of sophomore year programs.

Floating on a Cloud is one of several sessions available on campus to help students manage the end of the semester. From snacks to writing tutors to advice on how not to procrastinate, the staff in the Center for Leadership Calling and Service has several options for students who are feeling the crunch of finals week.

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University hires alum as new dean of enrollment

By Montgomery SparrowHolly Whitby

A Trevecca alum and former director of admissions is back on campus as the new chief of enrollment on campus.

On March 20, the board of trustees hired Holly Whitby as associate provost and dean of enrollment.

Kathy Baugher, who held the position since 2011, left in early March.

The dean of enrollment functions as the leader of the Office of Admissions.  She will oversee admissions, which functions as the sales arm of the university and is responsible for all recruitment.

The position is especially key as Trevecca is making budget cuts in order to balance the budget.  Officials have said more students on campus equates to more revenue for operations.

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Budget cuts mean changes in faculty and gen ed class size

By Montgomery Sparrow and Tyler Whetstone

After weeks of meetings and planning, Trevecca officials are still in the process of making budget cuts on campus.

President Dan Boone charged administrators with cutting at least $1.2 million for the 2014-2015 school year.

It’s still unclear exactly how those cuts will play out on campus, but administrators did have to notify faculty by March 1 if their contracts were not going to be renewed for the following year.

As of now, around six or seven full-time faculty members will not return next year and that includes faculty that are retiring or have resigned to take jobs elsewhere, as well as those who were notified their contracts would not be renewed.

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Changes to art program will include a new instructor

By Nadia Smith

Trevecca is looking for an adjunct instructor to continue its art program.

The Department of Communication Studies made changes to the number of art classes offered each semester. As a result, Betsy Karounos, Trevecca’s part-time art instructor, resigned to look for a full time position somewhere else.

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Communication faculty and programs to change next year

By Montgomery Sparrow

Two faculty members in the Department of Communication Studies will not be returning next year, though no programs will be cut.

Mark Bishop, associate professor of communication, notified the university in January that he is returning to Olivet Nazarene University where he taught for 12 years before coming to Trevecca.

Bishop said he is going back to Olivet to be near family.

“I have been invited back, “ he said.  “After being here, it was clear that we need to be near our family.”

Jamey Durham, associate professor of communication, also confirmed he is not returning to Trevecca next year.

“I was given no reason on why I’m not returning,” he said.  “They let me go and said they were under no legal obligation to tell me why. It was strictly business and it was nothing personal.”

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Trevecca opens Doctor Faustus this week

By Nadia Smith

Performance Dates and Times

Gangsters, a demon, and the devil himself will be taking the stage this month in Trevecca’s adaption of Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus.”

“Doctor Faustus” is a cautionary tale about a man who sells his soul to the devil for power and knowledge.

About 17 Trevecca students have spent 18 hours a week for the past several weeks rehearsing for the show.

One of the reasons Jeff Frame, professor of dramatic arts and communication, chose the classic play is because of its serious themes.

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