Blog blasts Trevecca, Boone

Dan Boone, university president, was criticized by the Concerned Nazarenes for his "emergent" theology. (Photo courtesy of TNU Marketing & Communications)

By Morgan Daniels

A group of Nazarenes who say they are worried the Nazarene universities are part of the reason the Nazarene church has been led astray, have launched a website to publicly question the universities’ teachings and leadership.

The group, called the Concerned Nazarenes, has written around 85 posts during the past year opposing and criticizing many teachings in the Nazarene Church, and more specifically, teachings at Trevecca Nazarene University.

For more than a year, this group has attacked Trevecca Nazarene University, criticizing practices such as the use of the word “labyrinth” when describing a prayer room, and Trevecca’s Spiritual Formation Retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani, a Catholic monastery.

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Trevecca student hopes to get the Cinderella Ball bouncing again

By Amy Taylor

Leigh Ann Gordon has had a change of heart.

Gordon, a junior history education major at Trevecca, is in the process of collecting used prom dresses for students with disabilities, and this time she is excited about it. Continue reading Trevecca student hopes to get the Cinderella Ball bouncing again

President’s cabinet accounts for student requests in budget plans

Cables and screws used to keep windows of women dorms closed and sealed.

By Rachel Swann

New windows and bathrooms in dorms, recycling on campus, bike racks and ice machines are among the improvements Trevecca students want on campus.

According to a survey conducted by student development, students on campus have lots of ideas for how administrators could spend the estimated $500,000 they have to spend in the annual special requests budget. Continue reading President’s cabinet accounts for student requests in budget plans

Counseling and resident hall directors fire up womens chats

Womens resident hall directors and counseling director lead sex Q&A.

By Shadaye Hunnicutt

Sex, non-committal make outs and how to be happy as a single person are among the topics Trevecca women have a chance to ask questions about on a regular basis this year.

Fireside Chats, a new program this year, was designed to give female students  a safe place to get advice and ask questions about relationship issues they face as college students.

Designed by Amanda Daly, director of  Counseling Services, and women’s RD’s, the series focuses on issues that Daly and the RD’s hear the most about from young women on campus.

The four sessions have covered the topics: healthy relationships, non-committal make-outs, being single and the most popular: a question and answer session about sex. Continue reading Counseling and resident hall directors fire up womens chats

Remembering the life of Kyle Funke

Kyle Funke, right, preparing for his kayak expedition in Montana (photo provided by Tina Funke).

By Morgan Daniels

To Kyle Funke, Trevecca was more than a university.

It was also his home—a place of belonging, brotherhood and an environment where his personality and faith truly shined, said friends and family.

“He was a man of integrity. He understood his spiritual foundation and he was very faithful to it—I think Trevecca really helped that,” Pete Funke, Kyle’s father said.

Kyle, 21, passed away on Sunday, January 24, 2010 after a 7-year battle with a brain tumor and cancer. He endured three surgeries and exhausted every form of treatment, but Kyle’s determination and optimism was always evident, said those who knew him best. Continue reading Remembering the life of Kyle Funke

Cast of four performs "The Glass Menagerie"

By Adam Wadding

Four students performed , “The Glass Menagerie,” as the first performance to kick of the spring semester, and  has been added to the list of performances put on by Trevecca’s Theatre program.

The cast of  four was small enough to be performed in the round, where seating was arranged where the audience sat around the stage, giving them a more personal experience.

The play revolves around a small family living in the 1930’s. Narrated by Tom, the son and also brother of two characters, he tells the tale while usually smoking a cigarette out on his porch.  With hopes of getting a “gentleman caller,” for her daughter, Amanda Wingfield does everything in her power to give her daughter the life that she once had as a young woman.

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Trevecca Women team up for fitness challenge

Kayleigh Hofer,RD of Tennessee Hall, leads Workout Wednesday in the lobby.

By Shadaye Hunnicutt

Kaylee Harrell and Rebekah Dunn sit on the couches in the Tennessee Hall lobby debating whether or not a package of fruit snacksis considered a dessert.

The sophomores have just finished working out and are trying not to be tempted by the candy bars for sale in the lobby.

For the past week the women of Tennessee and Georgia Halls have been trying to cut calories, exercise and explore the ways fitness are connected to a healthy spiritual life. Continue reading Trevecca Women team up for fitness challenge

SGA: Glow with the Flow is still a go

Students celebrate the end of the semester at the 2009 Glow with the Flow. (photo by Will Knowles)

By Rachel Swann

One of Trevecca’s most popular social events will not be canceled this year—it will just be different.

Glow with the Flow, a night that included techno music, glow sticks and inflatable bounce games in the past, is still on the calendar. But this year students can expect the inflatables to be gone and new activities still in the works to take their place.

Rest assured the spring night designed to help students celebrate the end of the school year will be glowing. Continue reading SGA: Glow with the Flow is still a go

New gospel choir strikes chord of interest

By Amy Taylor

More than 85 students have signed up for Trevecca’s newest choir.

The Gospel Choir, which kicked off this spring, has nearly three times more students than organizers expected and could have had more if not for capping the enrollment. Continue reading New gospel choir strikes chord of interest