Trevecca gets new tennis courts

By Alexander Hall

Bulldozers are moving earth behind the softball field making way for two new tennis courts.

Work started just before Thanksgiving on courts that will replace the 40-year-old courts that used to be located where the new parking lot between Moore, Wise and Jackson field is now located. The old courts were too damaged for students to use, and had to be removed.

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Apartment hours are almost finalized

By Katie O’Connell

After nearly a year of waiting, the Trevecca apartment open hours are almost finalized.

Apartment dwellers continue to live under a temporary policy that offers 29 open apartment hours where students can hangout with the opposite sex.

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TNU roosters meet their maker

Tera Kurtz, primary chicken caretaker, sharpens the knives before bringing out the roosters.

By: Jordan Taylor

Amongst the Redford and Shingler apartment dwellers, Trevecca’s roosters have carved out quite the reputation.

They strut through the parking lot, stare down bystanders and proudly crow for those both willing and unwilling to listen.

Overall—each guy is definitely a cock of the walk.

But starting this weekend, Trevecca’s sunrise, and students, will no longer be greeted so zealously each morning.

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Sirens heard on campus, no threat

By Katie Schimmelpfennig

Trevecca students and staff heard sirens today around 1 p.m. but the sirens were not from Trevecca’s emergency siren system.

Severe weather rolled through campus producing thunderstorms, heavy rain and dark skies.

Today at 1:10 p.m. Norm Robinson, head of campus security, sent an email to all faculty, staff and administrators that Trevecca was safe.

“Metro has set the Davison county severe weather siren off for southern Davidson county.  TNU has NOT issued a severe weather threat.  The storm is not in the campus area.  We are currently ALL CLEAR!” the email said.

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Trevecca seeks new athletic director

By Morgan Daniels and Tyler D. Whetstone

Trevecca will have a new athletics director next year.

Brenda Patterson, director of intercollegiate athletics at Trevecca, will finish her duties and contract through the end of June.

Trevecca is currently in the process of applying to be a NCAA Division II school. University officials said they are seeking a different direction for Trevecca athletics, said Dan Boone, university president.

“We felt for the overall good of the athletic department, that it was in the best interest to make a change,” Dan Boone, university president, said.

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I.C.E. page out, new MyTNU intranet site

By Amy Taylor

Finding out final exam schedules, what’s happening on campus over the weekend or what’s for lunch will soon be easier for Trevecca students.

Trevecca’s new intranet site, MyTNU, will replace the old I.C.E. page during spring break.

The site, which is home to information on student life, administration, links to student forms, final exam schedules and much more, has been uncluttered and simplified and can be accessed more easily off campus by simply visiting

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Benson RHA brings pornography talk on campus

By Alyssa Valletta

Deciding whether or not pornography is an issue at Trevecca is not the problem.

“I think the problem is that we don’t talk about it,” said Seth Thompson, Benson Hall RD.  “I do feel like it’s an issue–I know it’s an issue on campus.”

The Benson RHA sponsored an event on Internet pornography in TSAC last month. Speaker Brent Barrowcliff, a former pornography addict, encouraged about 30 Trevecca students to be more open and transparent about porn.

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Future on-campus parking changes

By Amy Taylor

Trevecca administration might start charging students to park their cars on campus.

“We are out of parking on this campus,” David Caldwell, executive vice president for administration and finance, said.

The long-term solution to this problem is to build a parking garage, Caldwell said. And administration is trying to find ways to save money in order to build a garage. Continue reading Future on-campus parking changes