Trevecca leaders to meet with members of the Napier and Chestnut Hill community

by Olivia Kelley

Tomorrow, Trevecca faculty and students will be heading to Napier Community Center to meet with leaders and community members from Napier and Chestnut Hill in what is being called the Trevecca Community Initiative.

The idea for the Initiative came from senior social work major Jessica Kyle after she chose to move off campus to live in the Napier community.

“I originally got the idea in a class that talks a lot about community development and awareness and Trevecca’s own community awareness,” she said. “I was tired of sitting in class and talking about these things. I wanted to get out and talk with some people about it.”

The first part of the day will be a meeting between the leadership teams from Trevecca, Napier, and Chestnut Hill to talk about what needs the community has and what Trevecca can offer, according to Kyle.  [Read more…]


Taste the Nations celebrates 10-year anniversary tonight in TSAC

by Blake Stewart

Trevecca’s international club Namaste will host its ten-year anniversary of the club’s yearly event, Taste the Nations.

The event will take place in TSAC, Friday April 7 at 7 p.m. with a $2 charge.

All proceeds go toward the international student emergency fund. The fund provides assistance with food and other essential items for international students that are not able to travel home during breaks and holidays.


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Annual 72-Hour Film Festival canceled

by Bailey Basham


Last year’s film festival logo by Griffin Dunn.

The 72-Hour Film Festival, an annual event hosted by Trevecca SGA, was canceled this year because of lack of participation.

Three of the five groups that were originally registered dropped out, so SGA officials decided not to spend money on prizes, food and drinks, said Laura Beth Winchester, SGA social life director.

The two remaining groups made their films before getting word the event, originally scheduled for April 5, was canceled.

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Behind the Scenes of The Annual FNL

By Ashley Walling and Alexis Garcia
When the curtain goes up tomorrow on the annual Friday Night Live, more than 45 students will have already put in three months of work.
The event, one of the most popular on campus, takes hours of work and the creativity of several students.
“We have a team of about 45 this year working on FNL. Most of them are writers or creative brainstormers who have helped speed the process of getting scripts and ideas going,” Laura Beth Winchester, SGA social life director and this year’s FNL director. “This event, in particular, takes us a long time because we meet once a week for about a month and a half, and then we start meeting multiple times a week once we begin getting closer to show. Then, the week of the event, we rehearse every night.”
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.33.58 AM.png

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Freshman starts workout class open to everyone

By Blake Stewart

When Peyton Williams got to college, she realized how hard it can be to find time to exercise.  Her solution? She started a Tabata class that meets weekly on campus.

“When I started my health and wellness class at Trevecca, I realized how hard it was to work-out during college,” she said. “I asked the girls on my floor in the dorms if they worked out, they all said ‘no’ because of their phobias of the gym. I wanted to start an exercise group that was judgement free.”


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.09.02 PM

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First Enneagram Workshop Offered this Month

By Blake Stewart

Trevecca students can attend an upcoming workshop to better understand what motivates their behavior.

Trevecca’s Social Work Club on Feb. 16 will be hosting its first Enneagram workshop to educate students on self-awareness.

The workshop will be led by Amanda Grieme Bradley, chair of social and behavioral sciences and assistant professor of psychology and Elizabeth Nunley, assistant professor of social work and director for field experience.


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Sixth Annual MLK Day of Service

By Jess Plyer
For the sixth year in a row, Trevecca students can join students from other universities in Nashville to help alleviate hunger in Middle Tennessee.

On Jan. 14, Trevecca  will participate  in the MLK Day of Service, hosted by Fisk University.

More than 300 students from Trevecca, Belmont, Lipscomb, Vanderbilt, Fisk and Meharry will take part in various service projects at local organizations who work on issues of hunger and food security.