Nashville housing costs continue to rise for graduates

By Princess Jones

Soon-to-be Trevecca grad Jade Kravat wants a job as a worship minister and she’d like to stay in Nashville. But, as Kravat started looking for apartments she was surprised by the cost of living in the city.

“There was nothing below $850 in rent, and that doesn’t include utilities and other things like Wi-Fi and cable. That was for a one bedroom—I even saw one bedrooms that were $1,100,” said Kravat.

Nashville experienced an 8 percent increase in the rental market from the previous year. As of March 2017, the average rental cost for a Nashville apartment is $1,401. Average rent for a one bedroom apartment cost $1,225. If a person decided to rent a two bedroom, it would cost on average $1,531, according to

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Trevecca leaders to meet with members of the Napier and Chestnut Hill community

by Olivia Kelley

Tomorrow, Trevecca faculty and students will be heading to Napier Community Center to meet with leaders and community members from Napier and Chestnut Hill in what is being called the Trevecca Community Initiative.

The idea for the Initiative came from senior social work major Jessica Kyle after she chose to move off campus to live in the Napier community.

“I originally got the idea in a class that talks a lot about community development and awareness and Trevecca’s own community awareness,” she said. “I was tired of sitting in class and talking about these things. I wanted to get out and talk with some people about it.”

The first part of the day will be a meeting between the leadership teams from Trevecca, Napier, and Chestnut Hill to talk about what needs the community has and what Trevecca can offer, according to Kyle.  [Read more…]

Resume Workshop Now Offered for Students Interested in Being an RA

By Princess Jones

For the first time at Trevecca, an RA Resume Workshop will be offered to student applying to be resident assistants and any other students who are interested.

RA candidates will meet with Nichole Hubbs to get tips and advice on how to create an effective resume.

Before this year, RA candidates weren’t required to have a resume to get the position.

However, this year it has changed. RD’s are requiring the RAs to have a resume.

“This is the first time that the RD’s wanted a resume to be part of the application process. So they asked me to give students some advice before they turned their application in,” said Hubbs, Coordinator of Career Services.


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Grinch Party this Saturday

By Anali Frias

SGA is hosting a Christmas themed party for a second year in a row.

This year’s Christmas party will be themed around the Grinch, and will screen Dr. Suess’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”


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Trevecca Students Raise Awareness of Veteran Suicides

By Blake Stewart and Bailey Basham

Wesley Cooper was scrolling through Facebook when he came across a post detailing a challenge called #22pushups.

Cooper, sophomore religion major and Vanderbilt Reserve Officer Training Corps member, said this post brought to his attention a sad statistic.

Every day, an average of 22 soldiers [commit suicide], and their deaths go unnoticed. The object of this challenge is to do 22 pushups for 22 days to bring awareness to this statistic and symbolically take on the pain that their family and loved ones are going through,”
said Cooper.

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Urban Farm Brings Market to Campus

By Bailey Basham

Fresh, organic goods produced by the Trevecca Urban Farm can now be purchased at a weekly farm stand on campus.

Fruits, vegetables, jams, soaps and salves all grown and produced on campus are available every Thursday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. near the bell tower.

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TNU Students Encouraged to Vote

By Hannah Pollock

In just 52 days, Americans will elect a new president.

The Office of Student Development and SGA want Trevecca students to be prepared and involved.

Two events are planned this week to try to increase student participation in the election.

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