Trevecca community responds to DACA decision

This story has been updated to reflect the correct number of DACA students at Trevecca. There are around 130 DACA students. An earlier version of this story was incorrect. We regret the error. 

By Brooklyn Dance and Blake Stewart

Students and faculty responded in a variety of ways to President Trump’s decision on Tuesday to end the DACA program.

“It took me the day to process everything that had happened today,” said Arturo Prieto, junior international business major.


Trevecca students and professors gathered to march together

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Nashville housing costs continue to rise for graduates

By Princess Jones

Soon-to-be Trevecca grad Jade Kravat wants a job as a worship minister and she’d like to stay in Nashville. But, as Kravat started looking for apartments she was surprised by the cost of living in the city.

“There was nothing below $850 in rent, and that doesn’t include utilities and other things like Wi-Fi and cable. That was for a one bedroom—I even saw one bedrooms that were $1,100,” said Kravat.

Nashville experienced an 8 percent increase in the rental market from the previous year. As of March 2017, the average rental cost for a Nashville apartment is $1,401. Average rent for a one bedroom apartment cost $1,225. If a person decided to rent a two bedroom, it would cost on average $1,531, according to

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Trevecca leaders to meet with members of the Napier and Chestnut Hill community

by Olivia Kelley

Tomorrow, Trevecca faculty and students will be heading to Napier Community Center to meet with leaders and community members from Napier and Chestnut Hill in what is being called the Trevecca Community Initiative.

The idea for the Initiative came from senior social work major Jessica Kyle after she chose to move off campus to live in the Napier community.

“I originally got the idea in a class that talks a lot about community development and awareness and Trevecca’s own community awareness,” she said. “I was tired of sitting in class and talking about these things. I wanted to get out and talk with some people about it.”

The first part of the day will be a meeting between the leadership teams from Trevecca, Napier, and Chestnut Hill to talk about what needs the community has and what Trevecca can offer, according to Kyle.  [Read more…]

Trojans golf team to host first ever NCAA regional tournament

By Andrew Preston

For the first time in school history, the Trevecca men’s golf team will host a NCAA Midwest Regional tournament.

The tournament, dubbed the “Nashville Music City Regional,” will include more than 100 golfers from 24 different teams with the event tentatively scheduled to take place April 3 and 4 at the Generals Retreat Course at the Hermitage Golf Course.

“This is one of five NCAA Regional tournaments throughout the year,” said director of golf, David Head. “This is a big deal not only for Trevecca, but for Nashville. We’re excited for it.”

The men’s golf team competes annually in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC), but also, on a larger scale, in the Midwest Region.

“We are the southernmost school (by about 125 miles) in our region, Kentucky Wesleyan is the next closet so the teams up north love to come down and play here,” said Head. [Read more…]

Trevecca students joined thousands to hear president speak

by Bailey Basham and Brooklyn Dance

Michael Perrotti got in line around 11 a.m. He waited, and he waited. He knew it would be another seven hours until the rally for president Donald Trump, but he didn’t mind. He was there to see the president.

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Basketball team manager has a passion for statistics

By Andrew Preston

Damani Smith, a sophomore sports management major, has a rather unique talent when it comes to watching sports: statistics.


Smith lightening the mood on the Trojans bench.

Smith can memorize statistics for any sport he watches, but particularly for his favorite sport—basketball.

“After I watch a game, I just know from watching what a person had [in the game],” said Smith. “It’s just a natural talent I have.”

Sometimes Smith won’t even have to watch a game. Simply looking at the stats once will do. [Read more…]

Trojans fall in exhibition game at Belmont

By Brittni Carmack

The Trojans 8-19 (3-8) lost an exhibition game to Div. I opponent, Belmont, 96-45 at the Curb Event Center on Tuesday.

The loss won’t hurt the Trojans, who have recently secured their spot  in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) post-season tournament set to begin later next week.

Photo provided by TNU Trojans

Photo provided by TNU Trojans

The exhibition contest originally was scheduled as a November game, but was moved back because Belmont elected to play the University of Florida on ESPN instead. [Read more…]