Nashville housing costs continue to rise for graduates

By Princess Jones

Soon-to-be Trevecca grad Jade Kravat wants a job as a worship minister and she’d like to stay in Nashville. But, as Kravat started looking for apartments she was surprised by the cost of living in the city.

“There was nothing below $850 in rent, and that doesn’t include utilities and other things like Wi-Fi and cable. That was for a one bedroom—I even saw one bedrooms that were $1,100,” said Kravat.

Nashville experienced an 8 percent increase in the rental market from the previous year. As of March 2017, the average rental cost for a Nashville apartment is $1,401. Average rent for a one bedroom apartment cost $1,225. If a person decided to rent a two bedroom, it would cost on average $1,531, according to

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First debate club event tomorrow

By Blake Stewart

Trevecca’s first debate club event will take place tomorrow.

The event will be a parliamentary style debate. The topic chosen for the forum will be whether social media is detrimental to society.

“During this tough political climate, the forum will let students see that they can agree to disagree respectfully and will give students a voice when they have felt left out,” said Josh Wilburn, president of Trevecca debate club.

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Freshman starts workout class open to everyone

By Blake Stewart

When Peyton Williams got to college, she realized how hard it can be to find time to exercise.  Her solution? She started a Tabata class that meets weekly on campus.

“When I started my health and wellness class at Trevecca, I realized how hard it was to work-out during college,” she said. “I asked the girls on my floor in the dorms if they worked out, they all said ‘no’ because of their phobias of the gym. I wanted to start an exercise group that was judgement free.”


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.09.02 PM

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Trevecca students joined thousands to hear president speak

by Bailey Basham and Brooklyn Dance

Michael Perrotti got in line around 11 a.m. He waited, and he waited. He knew it would be another seven hours until the rally for president Donald Trump, but he didn’t mind. He was there to see the president.

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Department of Exercise Science hires new professor

By Andrew Preston

Aaron Hall grew up watching the Tennessee Volunteers play on Saturdays. There, he would grow to idolize his favorite football player, former Tennessee and NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

Hall, however, decided watching sports was simply not enough. Rather than calling the plays for a career, he knew he wanted to become involved in the industry. T1z5a6877hat led him to pursue a degree in physical therapy.

“For college I decided to do something a little different than my friends in high school, instead of going to UTK (University of Tennessee-Knoxville) I came to Nashville to attend Lipscomb,” said Hall, Trevecca’s new assistant professor of exercise and sport science.

Hall will be asked to do more than teach. Hall will be responsible for coordinating all exercise science majors’ internships, as well as founding an exercise and sport science club on campus. Hall hopes to soon take some of his students on a mission trip in the future. [Read more…]

Basketball team manager has a passion for statistics

By Andrew Preston

Damani Smith, a sophomore sports management major, has a rather unique talent when it comes to watching sports: statistics.


Smith lightening the mood on the Trojans bench.

Smith can memorize statistics for any sport he watches, but particularly for his favorite sport—basketball.

“After I watch a game, I just know from watching what a person had [in the game],” said Smith. “It’s just a natural talent I have.”

Sometimes Smith won’t even have to watch a game. Simply looking at the stats once will do. [Read more…]

How to make the most of the Career Fair

By Princess Jones
Students who are planning to attend the career fair on Thursday might be overwhelmed or have many questions about how to act when they get there.
Nichole Hubbs, coordinator of career services, said there are some simple things to do to prepare to make the best impression.
“A student can plan to dress nicely, update their resume and they can do research to see what companies will be available at the fair,” said Hubbs.
The Career Fair, scheduled for tomorrow at Nissan Stadium, will include 69 business and 11 colleges and universities. School districts from Middle Tennessee and other states will be present at the fair as well. 

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