Merger with ENC continues

By Brooklyn Dance

The Trevecca Board of Trustees met Nov. 2 and 3 and voted unanimously to continue the potential merger with Eastern Nazarene College.

The vote was specifically on whether or not to establish a  joint task force, as requested  by ENC.  This is the next step in the merging process.

This is a substantial step in the merge’s 18-month timeline.

University President Dr. Boone said this task force has several responsibilities.

“One is to create a three-year budget plan to bring ENC to sustainability.  The second one is to establish enrollment goals that will demonstrate success,” Boone said.  “[The] third one is to present the funding resources for supporting ENC until the merger could occur.  Fourth would be to gain denominational approval for the merger.”

The Nazarene denomination establishes regions.  ENC and Trevecca are in different regions, therefore the denomination needs to agree that though ENC is in a separate region, it is operating as a legal entity of Trevecca, which is in the Midsouth region.

Boone said the earliest possible date for the merge is June of 2019, because of  the need to secure state accreditations.

Boone today  released the following statement:

“The mission of Christian higher education is a significant part of the work of the kingdom of God. The work of ENC is important to us and we have created a Joint Task Force in an effort to find a way to enhance and continue the mission of ENC. We recognize that the realities before us require the provision of God, the favor of donors and granting authorities, and the success of enrollment efforts.

So we put our shoulder to the task of strengthening this mission while being sensitive to the fiduciary responsibilities of Trevecca and ENC. As stewards, should closure be necessary, we will act in the best interest of the mission of Christian higher education and as stewards of kingdom assets toward this end.”

Trevecca leaders to meet with members of the Napier and Chestnut Hill community

by Olivia Kelley

Tomorrow, Trevecca faculty and students will be heading to Napier Community Center to meet with leaders and community members from Napier and Chestnut Hill in what is being called the Trevecca Community Initiative.

The idea for the Initiative came from senior social work major Jessica Kyle after she chose to move off campus to live in the Napier community.

“I originally got the idea in a class that talks a lot about community development and awareness and Trevecca’s own community awareness,” she said. “I was tired of sitting in class and talking about these things. I wanted to get out and talk with some people about it.”

The first part of the day will be a meeting between the leadership teams from Trevecca, Napier, and Chestnut Hill to talk about what needs the community has and what Trevecca can offer, according to Kyle.  [Read more…]

Homecoming to Focus on Trevecca Stories

By Sidney Wiseman

For Trevecca alumni, homecoming serves a special purpose—coming home to the hill. But for current students, it can be just as impactful.

“I encourage students to go out and attend as many events as possible. I’m a big believer that the more connected you are to the life of the campus and the more connected you are to each other, the more meaningful all the experiences of college end up being,” said Michael Johnson, director of alumni and church engagement.

For the last several years, homecoming has been referred to as “Homecoming on the Hill,” but Johnson said this year, a more specific theme emerged after he attended a conference. This year, homecoming will focus on how Trevecca makes great stories possible and instilling purple pride in all attendees.

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Trevecca closed on Volunteer Trucking Contract

FullSizeRenderby Olivia Kelley

The property that will be the site of Trevecca’s new music building officially belongs to Trevecca.

The university closed the $1.4 million real estate deal today on the land that formerly belonged to Volunteer Trucking Company.

“We have been trying to accomplish this for over 50 years, so this is a big deal,” said Dan Boone, university president.

Trevecca bought 5 acres and Volunteer Trucking Company donated another 2 acres. The university plans to build $6.5 million building for the School of Music and Worship Arts on the property. [Read more…]

Trevecca president book on sexuality due out this month

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.24.14 PM

By Bailey Basham

Trevecca President Dan Boone wants the church to not be afraid to talk to about human sexuality, and his latest book is an effort to help the conversation.

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President Boone has conversation with students about alcohol in round table discussion

By Maci Shingleton

photo (1)A local Anglican priest and the president of Trevecca Nazarene University hosted a round table discussion on Christians and alcohol.

The forum, created as a chance for students to ask questions about Trevecca’s alcohol policy, was hosted as way to create an open dialogue about faith and drinking.

Around 50 students squeezed into the CLCS Fireside Room to participate in the discussion.

The Church of the Nazarene Manuel, a guidebook for members of the church, states that “…our position is abstinence rather than moderation.” Students at Trevecca sign a lifestyle agreement upon enrollment that includes a prohibition on drinking, even after the student is the legal age to drink.

But, as Trevecca’s student body has diversified, for instance 47 percent of students identify as Nazarene while the other 53 percent identify with another denomination or religion, questions about how Christians should handle social drinking are unavoidable.

Trevecca President Dan Boone is aware of this and wanted to create a forum to discuss the issue with students.

Boone was joined for the discussion by Fr. Mike McGhee, assistant rector of St. John’s Anglican Church in Franklin.

McGhee said he believes social drinking once a person is 21-years-old is acceptable, if in moderation.

Boone said people should abstain from drinking in aim to love your neighbor. Boone chooses not to drink in consideration for those who struggle with or have been hurt by the effects of alcohol and is therefore putting his neighbor before himself, he said.

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