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Trevecca finds ways to stay in community after online transition

By Jessica Bishop Madeline Pulliam, a Trevecca freshman, was sitting in her car in front of Georgia Hall, thinking she only had to grab a few more days’ worth of clothes before heading her way back home in Kentucky. Moments later, she found out she wouldn't be returning to campus for the rest of the semester. “I realized my life would go from getting to see everyone and hangout anytime I want, every time I wanted to, to having to go back home and being ripped apart from everybody and it not being that easy anymore,” said Pulliam. Students, and faculty and staff, are dealing with the reality of shifting from living in community to online classes, meetings and activities.  Trevecca, on March 17, announced the semester would be finished online because of guidance from govern...
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Nashville churches use livestreams to keep congregations connected

By: Allie Crumpton As Trevecca students return home, local churches all over the United States are finding unique ways to connect with their congregation during a time of mandated quarantine because of  the novel coronavirus. “We act in these ways not out of fear that we might get the virus but out of love for those who might get the virus and not be able to fight it off well,” said Erik Gernand, Trevecca chaplain. Many Trevecca students’ local churches have taken innovative approaches to continue their ministry. A popular local church for Trevecca students, Kaleo Nashville, used  a Zoom call on March 29 to take communion over video. “Everyone either found a piece of bread, or a cracker, or someone even had an animal cracker to do this eucharist across the way,” said Noah S...
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Student government elections will be held online

Election process to change amidst classes moving off campus. Beginning April 6 and ending on April 9, SGA executive elections will be taking place online via SurveyMonkey, an online survey software, which students will be able to access from an email sent on Monday. The necessity to change from the original plan of students voting using Google Forms at on-campus locations came after students were asked to leave campus as a safety plan amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. “We wanted to find the perfect balance between vote security but also something that’s still relatively accessible. Something that will result in high voter turnout,” said Zack Church, apartments resident director currently overseeing SGA. Campaign speeches have been uploaded through Panopto, a video platform used ...
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Update: Trevecca moves classes online the whole semester

By: Maria Monteros All on-campus classes will be held online for the rest of the semester in response to the growing coronavirus cases in Tennessee. Classes will begin March 23-- not March 18 as initially announced. Matt Toy, associate vice president of marketing and communications, announced the changes on campus schedule on Tuesday after initially extending spring break and moving classes online for March to practice "social distancing," according to the campus-wide email. The email does not indicate whether a student has been tested positive for the coronavirus disease also known as COVID-19. "We realize this is an unprecedented decision in the middle of a moment unlike any other in our nation’s—and our institution’s—history," Toy said in a statement. The anno...
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Trevecca extends spring break and moves classes online due to coronavirus concerns

By: Maria Monteros Trevecca will be extending spring break through March 17 amid growing concerns of COVID-19 in the Nashville area. Classes will resume online on March 18-30. Matt Toy, associate vice president of marketing and communications, sent a campus-wide email late Wednesday hours after the World Health Organization officially declares the global coronavirus a pandemic. No student has tested positive for the coronavirus disease. Trevecca joins the list of colleges in the Nashville area to cancel classes in some form along with Belmont and Vanderbilt University. “Our decision regarding face-to-face classes and campus operations has not been quick or easy,” Trevecca President Dan Boone said in the email. “The effort underway nationally is to flatten the curve of contagion that ha...