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Administrators emphasize student responsibility in COVID-19 town hall
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Administrators emphasize student responsibility in COVID-19 town hall

Students’ willingness to wear a face mask in class and around campus is the key to keeping the fall 2020 semester in-person, Trevecca faculty said during a COVID-19 Town Hall meeting on Thursday.   “We are all in this together. We are all required to wear a mask and we are all required to participate in these practices that will keep us safe here on campus and in our city.” Dean of Student Development Jessica Dykes said.   Requiring the use of face masks is just one practice Trevecca staff has implemented in their efforts to keeping students safe this semester during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to social distancing, contact tracing, daily health screenings, reduced class sizes and a 7-7 week schedule that lowers the number of people in a building at one time, Trevecca’...
Freshmen adjust to campus life amidst a pandemic
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Freshmen adjust to campus life amidst a pandemic

Freshmen Hannah Kleppinger, Alanna Ziegler, Taegen Gann and Destiny Noella attend club rush during Trevecca's traditional welcome week, wearing their masks. Photo provided by Hannah Kleppinger. Making friends, building community, being independent, staying healthy, finding an identity: These are just some of the struggles current college freshmen are facing, all in the midst of a global pandemic. Hannah Kleppinger, a freshman pastoral ministries major, said she is feeling the weight of everything that has happened over the past year.  “Basically the entire normalness of my life is gone,” Kleppinger said. Sara Hopkins, director of counseling services, reported seeing trends in the mental health research surrounding incoming freshmen. According to Hopkins, freshmen level...
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Trevecca students face unemployment due to pandemic

Bethany Maynard, a freshman majoring in Elementary Education, was busy working four jobs before campus closed because of Covid-19. She divided her time between a work study in Mackey, a job as a childcare worker in Brentwood, a job as a dance teacher at a local preschool, as well as a job at a weekly ministry dedicated to serving a meal to those who are currently experiencing homelessness. “I have jobs outside of Trevecca that count on me, so I had to contact them and apologize that I couldn’t work for them until next year,” she said. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the students of Trevecca Nazarene University in a variety of ways, one of them being financial and employment struggles. Like many of her peers, Maynard’s initial concerns regarding cl...
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Students, faculty members adjust to online classes amid pandemic

When Trevecca first announced they were extending spring break, Carlos Lopez was initially relieved. “It would have helped with some work that had to be done and overall seemed like an extended vacation,” said Lopez, senior information technology major. But once he heard that Trevecca was making the move to online courses for the rest of the spring semester, Lopez’s feelings quickly changed. “When I heard this, I was a bit overwhelmed because I was used to the class routine,” said Lopez. Trevecca's 1,310 undergraduates who were enrolled in traditional, face-to-face classes all transitioned to online classes last month. For many students and faculty, the switch from in-person to online classes required some getting used to and will power to cope....
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Students take up new hobbies to fight boredom

By Jessica Bishop Kerisyn Gilbert, a Trevecca freshman was doing her homework at home and when she finished her assignments, she notably became bored and anxious. She decided to pick up her pencil and sketch. “It really helped calm me down and focus better. I will definitely continue to sketch in the future,” said Gilbert. Many students find themselves with more free time since they moved home and started classes online.  One way to pass the time is by picking up new or forgotten hobbies. Erin Smith, a junior, has picked up baking and cooking in her spare time. “I’ve always enjoyed it, but I’m just chilling and the I’m like, ‘Well, I guess I could bake some muffins instead’ and so I do,” said Smith. One of best ways to find hobbies enjoyable is to remember what you liked as a ch...
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Students stay fit while social distancing

When on campus, Micah Dearing goes to the gym five times a week, but now he's forced to come up with a new plan to keep himself in shape. “When quarantine first started, my roommates and I made this whole workout routine, and we stuck with it for a while. Eventually, as we all slowly headed home and got hit with schoolwork we stopped lifting altogether," he said. "But I do try and get outside and stay semi-fit. I dug my old bike ride out of my shed and cleaned it up. Now I ride that for a few miles every day.” Dearing is not the only one who has had to change up his routine to find new ways to stay fit. Students who find themselves at home with limited fitness equipment and space are trying to find new ways of staying in shape. Courtney Hodgin is a member of Trevecca’...
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Students will have the chance to opt out of letter grades this semester

By: Maria Monteros Students will now have the opportunity to use an alternative grading scale that wouldn’t affect their GPA in place of letter grades for each course of their choice. The office of academic records sent an email Thursday to all undergraduate students about their option to file a form if they prefer to be graded satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U) for any or all courses 15 days after receiving their final grade. Students can also opt to keep their letter grades, the email stated. The Ad hoc committee--a group of 10 faculty, administrators and Trevecca employees-- voted unanimously this week to offer the option to alleviate the stress of the sudden shift to online classes and COVID-19 pandemic, said Lena Welch, dean of the school of arts and sciences and chair of the A...
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COVID-19 poses new challenges for DACA renewal

By Nayeli Pena Espinoza DACA students were expecting a ruling about whether they can stay in the country from the Supreme Court to be issued between March and June. What they weren’t expecting was for a worldwide pandemic to bring everything to a halt. Recently, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services closed their offices and rescheduled all DACA renewal appointments. For students who need to renew their status, they face the possibility of losing work or being deported. For students who were working part or full time off campus to pay for their tuition, the financial impact has been significant. Alejandra Alegria Garcia, junior psychology major, and her family had to shut down their restaurant. “We are going on two weeks of not selling food,” Garcia said. “We decide...
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Social media challenges rise as more students stay home

By Lily Russell Amber Adams was sitting on her bed on her third day of social distancing, already fighting off boredom. The Trevecca freshman was scrolling through Instagram to pass the time when she started noticing most of her followers had posted some sort of social media challenge in their stories. “I think some of the challenges are silly, but some are fun. The tag 10 beautiful women challenge was one I enjoyed. It's nice to see women building each other up,” said Adams. An Instagram challenge is directed at followers and friends and offers specific prompts to the audience. Challenges incorporate sharing photos and hashtags in a creative way. Some of the newest challenges featured in the past couple of weeks include social distancing bingo, my favorite things challenge, see a (bla...
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Athletes’ spring season comes to an end

By Adam Goolsby and Maci Weeks On March 11, students at Trevecca were told their spring break would be extended because of the Coronavirus. During this time, students were told that outdoor athletics would continue as planned for the time being. Just six days later, each student at Trevecca was asked to pack up and head home for the summer, athletes included. During March, all spring sports seasons were canceled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With previous spring seasons ending in May of 2019 last year, spring athletes at Trevecca had been preparing for this season for eight full months. Now, because of canceled seasons, athletes will be in offseason for nearly a full year before they play another game. The NCAA passed legislation that will grant extra eligibility to players w...