The Phantom Tollbooth show is delayed due to Flu

By: Princess Jones

The week of The Phantom Tollbooth has been canceled after several members of the cast and crew reported being sick. The show will open next weekend instead.

“This has been one hardest flu seasons I have seen on campus,” said Tasha Adams, Trevecca clinic physician assistant.

Most students contracted the flu in the beginning of January. Adams averaged about 10-15 patients a day at the clinic worried about the flu. However, only one or two students tested positive for the flu each day.

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How to spend Valentine’s Day…College Style

By:  Sydney Wisman

A Trevecca couple was way ahead of the game when deciding what they were going to do for Valentine’s Day this year- and it won’t cost them a cent.

“Honestly, we will probably use a gift card that we got for Christmas,” said junior Anna Ezell, elementary education major. “It seems like the most reasonable thing to do since we are college students.”

In 2017, $18.2 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day. This special day even beats Halloween. $1.7 billion is spent on chocolate and candy and $2 billion on flowers alone.

When it’s broken down, the average person spends around $136. 57.

Let’s be honest. College students don’t have that kind of money laying around.

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“The Secret Garden”

The annual fall theater production will explore love, loss, grief, and growth.
“The Secret Garden” opened last weekend and runs through homecoming weekend.
“This fall, we wanted to do something a little different than Disney, something more thoughtful, sobering and nourishing, and the time has seemed perfect to place this beautiful story on its feet at Trevecca.” says Jeff Frame, professor of communication studies.

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Taste the Nations celebrates 10-year anniversary tonight in TSAC

by Blake Stewart

Trevecca’s international club Namaste will host its ten-year anniversary of the club’s yearly event, Taste the Nations.

The event will take place in TSAC, Friday April 7 at 7 p.m. with a $2 charge.

All proceeds go toward the international student emergency fund. The fund provides assistance with food and other essential items for international students that are not able to travel home during breaks and holidays.


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Annual 72-Hour Film Festival canceled

by Bailey Basham


Last year’s film festival logo by Griffin Dunn.

The 72-Hour Film Festival, an annual event hosted by Trevecca SGA, was canceled this year because of lack of participation.

Three of the five groups that were originally registered dropped out, so SGA officials decided not to spend money on prizes, food and drinks, said Laura Beth Winchester, SGA social life director.

The two remaining groups made their films before getting word the event, originally scheduled for April 5, was canceled.

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First debate club event tomorrow

By Blake Stewart

Trevecca’s first debate club event will take place tomorrow.

The event will be a parliamentary style debate. The topic chosen for the forum will be whether social media is detrimental to society.

“During this tough political climate, the forum will let students see that they can agree to disagree respectfully and will give students a voice when they have felt left out,” said Josh Wilburn, president of Trevecca debate club.

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Behind the Scenes of The Annual FNL

By Ashley Walling and Alexis Garcia
When the curtain goes up tomorrow on the annual Friday Night Live, more than 45 students will have already put in three months of work.
The event, one of the most popular on campus, takes hours of work and the creativity of several students.
“We have a team of about 45 this year working on FNL. Most of them are writers or creative brainstormers who have helped speed the process of getting scripts and ideas going,” Laura Beth Winchester, SGA social life director and this year’s FNL director. “This event, in particular, takes us a long time because we meet once a week for about a month and a half, and then we start meeting multiple times a week once we begin getting closer to show. Then, the week of the event, we rehearse every night.”
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.33.58 AM.png

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