Trevecca: a community founded on serving others

By: Blake Stewart

From abandoned churches to caves, Trevecca’s campus has historically been a community of healing.

Since it’s finding in 1898, Trevecca has moved locations, but kept the same mission.

“Our faith calls us to be engaged in the transformation of those around us and to get in the trenches to find what the need is,” said Dan Boone, university president. “It’s an extension of God to be able to help our neighbors.”

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Annual Hall of Fame induction, TROJY Awards Show set for Wednesday

By Andrew Preston

For the second consecutive year, the Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held during the spring semester with the 2nd annual TROJY Awards Show immediately following.

The athletic department sponsored event has modeled their end-of-the-year award ceremony for Trojan athletes after the popular ESPY Award (Excellence in Sports Yearly) show produced by major broadcast television network, ABC.

“Our goal is to overlap the old, with the new,” said Athletic Director, Mark Elliott. “Last year was our first time hosting the TROJYs and also the first time hosting the Hall of Fame induction in the spring.” [Read more…]

Trevecca leaders to meet with members of the Napier and Chestnut Hill community

by Olivia Kelley

Tomorrow, Trevecca faculty and students will be heading to Napier Community Center to meet with leaders and community members from Napier and Chestnut Hill in what is being called the Trevecca Community Initiative.

The idea for the Initiative came from senior social work major Jessica Kyle after she chose to move off campus to live in the Napier community.

“I originally got the idea in a class that talks a lot about community development and awareness and Trevecca’s own community awareness,” she said. “I was tired of sitting in class and talking about these things. I wanted to get out and talk with some people about it.”

The first part of the day will be a meeting between the leadership teams from Trevecca, Napier, and Chestnut Hill to talk about what needs the community has and what Trevecca can offer, according to Kyle.  [Read more…]

Norm Robinson to retire in December after 25 years at Trevecca

By Bailey Basham

Over the course of his career, Norm Robinson was a marine, a police officer for Metro Nashville and the Trevecca director of security. In January, students at Trevecca will begin a new semester without him patrolling campus for the first time in 25 years.

Robinson will be retiring in December of this year after being at Trevecca since 1991 when he came to Trevecca as a 40-year-old freshman.

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Homecoming to Focus on Trevecca Stories

By Sidney Wiseman

For Trevecca alumni, homecoming serves a special purpose—coming home to the hill. But for current students, it can be just as impactful.

“I encourage students to go out and attend as many events as possible. I’m a big believer that the more connected you are to the life of the campus and the more connected you are to each other, the more meaningful all the experiences of college end up being,” said Michael Johnson, director of alumni and church engagement.

For the last several years, homecoming has been referred to as “Homecoming on the Hill,” but Johnson said this year, a more specific theme emerged after he attended a conference. This year, homecoming will focus on how Trevecca makes great stories possible and instilling purple pride in all attendees.

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Tuition equality bill at the end of its journey

Trevecca students hand out reminders to representatives

Trevecca students hand out reminders to representatives

by Mannon Lane

Members of Trevecca’s student body and one alumn, joined Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) in a last-days attempt to get HB675, the tuition equality bill, passed before the end of Tennessee’s 109th General Assembly.

Trevecca accounted for 12 of the 25 people gathered at Legislative Plaza Thursday, to hand out reminder cards to the representatives as they entered the house floor, and then later delivered apples (representative of education), to Governor Bill Haslam’s office.

“If this doesn’t pass, or it doesn’t go to vote, I will be very disappointed and very sad,” said Katerine Hernandez, a 2015 graduate of Trevecca. “I know that I will have many conversations with students, and we will be processing this together.”

Hernandez works with high school students as the program coordinator for YMCA Latino Achievers.

HB675 would allow qualifying students with temporary resident status, who are graduates of Tennessee high schools, to pay in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities. If this bill fails to pass, these students, regardless of how long they have lived in Tennessee, will have to pay out-of-state tuition rates. Doing so can reach three times the amount of in-state tuition.

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Trojan baseball ranked no. 1 in pre-season poll

By: Andrew Preston

The Trevecca men’s baseball team will begin the 2016 season with some big expectations.

With five first place voBB_schedule_releasetes, the 2015 Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) champs are again projected to finish first in the preseason G-MAC poll.

Head Coach Ryan Schmalz is planning for a big year for his team, which season begins Friday on the road at Tusculum College.

“I want to play in a Division II World Series. I want to host a (NCAA Midwest) Regional and make it to the end. I want to win 40 games this year, we won 36 last year and I think 40 wins is a goal of ours,” said Schmalz.

Coming off an outstanding season last year, (36-18, 21-3) the Trojans do have some big shoes to fill on the team.

“We have to collectively make up for the loss of production from our big guys Hunter Newman and Michael Purcell,” said coach Schmalz.

Former Trojan third baseman, Hunter Newman, is currently playing [Read more…]