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Education professor confirms contract will not be renewed

Students start a petition to ask administration to reconsider contract By Morgan Daniels The professor who teaches students how to teach students with disabilities, will not be back in a Trevecca classroom next year. Dusteen Knotts, associate professor of education, confirmed Wednesday she was told by TNU administrators that her annual contract will not be renewed. (more…)
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Administrators crackdown on disruptive chapel behavior

By Amy Taylor Mandy Goon is used to students being disruptive while she’s leading worship in chapel; but, when they’re loud during communion, it really irritates her. “It’s not respectful. We’re supposed to be adults. People want to be treated as adults, and they don’t act like it,” Goon said. Trevecca administrators are cracking down on disruptive behavior in chapel after hearing from several students that some students are making worship difficult by talking and laughing during the service. (more…)

New summer course bikes through Nashville

By Adam Wadding This May summer mini-term an Urban Sociology course will be hitting the streets on wheels. From May 10 to the 26th, students taking the course will be studying urban neighborhoods from the view of a bicycle seat. Students will study urban neighborhoods and collect data about its surroundings. By the end of the term any clean up or rebuilding that students find necessary for neighborhoods will be turned over to the Metro street department in hopes that they can make these changes. (more…)

Nazarene student leaders request change in dancing policy

By Morgan Daniels More than a year has past since Nazarene student leaders asked the administration of the Nazarene Church to establish specific rules and guidelines on the issue of dancing. Student leaders make the case that many types of dances such as swing or ballroom dancing should be deemed suitable, but the Nazarene Manual is unclear on whether or not these dances are allowed. Matt Taylor, the 2008-2009 co-chair of the Nazarene Student Leadership Association (NSLA) Steering Committee, wrote a letter representing the NSLA in February 2009 to the Nazarene General Superintendents requesting a broader interpretation of the Manual statement (34.4) which would allow certain types of dance. (more…)
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Chapel speaker causes controversy

By Amy Taylor A small group of students walked out of a February chapel service at Trevecca because they felt they were being falsely accused of racism and terrorism. More than 70 students have since become fans of a Facebook group advocating that the speaker not be invited back to campus. Reverend Gwendolyn Felder-Brown, the pastor of Ernest Newman United Methodist Church in Nashville and the united campus minister of the Wesley Foundation at Fisk University, was asked by the Office of the Chaplain at Trevecca to speak during chapel on February 25, 2010. (more…)
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TCC powers up new program, needs volunteers

By Shadaye Hunnicutt A lack of volunteers for the long-running Kings Kids ministry has prompted TCC staff to reevaluate and change its after school programming for local elementary students. “Years ago, God woke me up in the middle of the night and gave me this vision…dream. I have waited for his time, and I believe this is it,” said Tina Mitchell, pastor of compassionate, and evangelical ministries at TCC. “We still have a lot of money to raise and I‘m trusting what someone told me a long time ago ‘When God gives the vision, he will give the provision.’” Kings Kids, an after school VBS-type program for local elementary school kids, was started by Trevecca Community Church (TCC) in the 1980s and over the years came to rely heavily on college students as volunteers. (more…)...
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Trevecca students debut in reality show

By Adam Wadding Two Trevecca students and their lives on campus débuted on a FOX 17 reality segment called, "College Experience," on March 24 as a part of FOX’s Tennessee Mornings show. Juniors Meredith Fitzsimons and Zach Sutton will be armed with flip cameras to record their life as a Trevecca student. The five minute segment, which airs at 8:10 a.m. on Wednesday mornings, will highlight daily life on campus in hopes of showing an inside glimpse of what the Trevecca experience is all about. (more…)
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Cafeteria face-lift starts surprises for campus changes

By Rachel Swann While students were lying on the beach and traveling Europe for spring break, administrators made a few changes to campus to surprise them when they got back. The most apparent: the addition of 90 seats, 20 tables and six outdoors heaters to the cafeteria’s patio area. New university executive vice president for finance and administration, David Caldwell, came into his position this semester with plans to make Trevecca’s campus a place for students to have a nice living space. (more…)
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Expansion of Benson Brew gains popularity among students

By Jacob Perry What started as a small coffee shop-like venue for musicians on campus nearly four years ago has now turned into an all-out concert performance. Benson Brew, a student music showcase at Trevecca, has more than doubled its audience since its expansion two years ago thanks to a new format. James Thurman, current freshman and Residence Hall Association Student Advisor at TNU, attributes some of the Brew’s growth to changes in its location. (more…)
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New club reels in student interest

By Adam Wadding Grippie Lawson and Blake Walters packed their bags and their bait and drove south to fish for bass as Trevecca’s first participants in a college fishing tournament. Lawson and Walters are among 10 other interested students who are in the processes of forming the first fishing club at Trevecca. (more…)