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Trevecca Student cares for Urban Farm over holidays

By Jarren Rogers   The animals are fed. The plants are watered. The pens are cleaned. Senior Dominic Obunaka steps inside to get warm. He is alone and enjoys the peace and quiet. Obunaka takes some time to warm up, then returns outside to finish the chores. Snow covers the ground and classes are canceled, but someone still has to tend to the Urban Farm.   “The animals don’t care that it’s Christmas,” said Jason Adkins, environmental projects coordinator.  “They still want food like every other day of the year. It’s not by principle. It’s by the nature of what we’re doing,” (more…)
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Trevecca Student Peforms Showcase

By: Princess Jones After a semester of studying in a program designed to encourage musicians on campus, Madyson Williams, this year's winning student, will perform a showcase this week. Williams was the 2017 winner of the Trevecca School of Music and Worship Art’s Artist Development Incubator program. The program helps music student develop their artistic brand. At the end of the program, the student performs a showcase. “It's all been a learning experience and the showcase is just a small way to show what I've learned from this past semester in the program,” said Williams. John Thompson the creator of the Incubator program, has seen Williams progress over the semesters. “In Madyson’s case, I have had the chance to see her develop, not just over this semester, but over the last seve...

Recent events regarding DACA

By: Blake Stewart The debate to pass a bill that would give nearly 800,000 DACA recipients a shot at legal status is still at a stalemate between both parties of Congress. Over the weekend, Congress forced a government shutdown, that was temporarily opened back up on Tuesday. The shutdown was in part, due to lawmaker’s failure to agree on a solution for DACA recipients, causing them to become intertwined in budget negotiations with the federal government in exchange for Trump’s promised border wall and crackdown on illegal immigration. (more…)
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Trevecca Student releases single

By: Princess Jones Raquel Rivas remembers vividly the details of the day she found out about her best friend Auburn McCormick album audition. “I do remember very clearly, I helped her pick out an outfit and shoes for it. She was really nervous, but I knew she had it in her to make them fall in love with her and her music. I remember telling her as she walked out the door, "You're gonna make it, and they're going to see the you I get to see and they're going to love you,” said Rivas. That audition would land one of McCormick songs on a new album created by David Webb to help singers get exposure in the music industry. McCormick’s single “No Streetlights” was chosen for the album.  This is the first Nashville Dreamin album to be released. (more…)
Trojan Idols Top Five Finalist
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Trojan Idols Top Five Finalist

By: Princess Jones Gracie Pierce, Madison Clements, Cameron McClure, Brianna Corbett, and Que’ Dell Chithambo are Trojan Idols top five finalists. Last night Trevecca’s students and faculty headed to the Boone Building to kick off the two-night singing competition. Ten contestants competed against each other for the votes of the judges and students. For most of the performers being on stage was energizing and nerve-wracking all at once. “I was super nervous about being on stage. If I’m honest, I don’t have a ton of experience performing. However, once I started performing, I felt kind of ignited. There’s kind of a high you feel when you connect with the crowd,” said Madison Clements, Trojan Idol finalist. (more…)
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Bollywood Movie Night

By: Princess Jones The third annual Bollywood Movie Night on Friday will wrap up Trevecca's International Education Week.   The film “Dangal” (which means “Wrestling Competition” in English) will be played at the event at 7 p.m. at the Zelma Waggoner Performance Hall. “It is the incredible true story of a father who raises four daughters and help lead two of his daughters to international fame, even though his dream was to have a son who would have done that for him. The movie captures the following themes: the traditional respect between fathers and daughters, the way girls were treated in small villages in India, and the importance given to sports in India in the early 80s,” said Roy Philip, associate professor of marketing at Trevecca and sponsor for the event. (more...
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University denies drug search of two students was racially motivated

By Brooklyn Dance Trevecca officials on Wednesday released a statement denying allegations that the university racially profiled two African American female students who were required to take drug tests after a resident director claimed to smell marijuana in their room. "After a briefing of the facts, we are confident the search was not racially motivated and proper protocol was followed. We are fundamentally committed to ensuring that Trevecca is a safe place for all students and desire that no student feels targeted for any reason," the university stated in a released statement. Terrence French, who attended Trevecca for four semesters and tweets under the handle @Cirvant, started a thread on Twitter after a female student he said he mentors told him t...
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Merger with ENC continues

By Brooklyn Dance The Trevecca Board of Trustees met Nov. 2 and 3 and voted unanimously to continue the potential merger with Eastern Nazarene College. The vote was specifically on whether or not to establish a  joint task force, as requested  by ENC.  This is the next step in the merging process. This is a substantial step in the merge’s 18-month timeline. University President Dr. Boone said this task force has several responsibilities. “One is to create a three-year budget plan to bring ENC to sustainability.  The second one is to establish enrollment goals that will demonstrate success,” Boone said.  “[The] third one is to present the funding resources for supporting ENC until the merger could occur.  Fourth would be to gain denominational approva...
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Trevecca student meets Ed Sheeran

By: Princess Jones It took her 10 hours, but Britney Kent is happy she spent all that time decorating a pumpkin after getting to meet Ed Sheeran. “I was excited about the idea of winning, but also super nervous because I didn't think I would win. And I was kind of embarrassed that I spent 10 hours painting a pumpkin that would end up rotting. But it made it worth it once I won,” said Kent. Kent, a junior at Trevecca last month won a 107.5 radio contest that required contestants to decorate a pumpkin to look like Ed Sheeran, a singer/songwriter.  As the winner, she got free tickets and a meet and greet pass. (more…)