Monday, January 25

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University’s international recruitment expands to Asia

By: Maria Monteros For the first time, Trevecca’s admissions team has expanded international student recruitment in Asia. Maria Petty, international admissions counselor, traveled to Vietnam, Sri Lanka and South Korea earlier last semester in search of prospective students. As Trevecca's only international recruiter, Petty visited about 35 schools from five countries. The university had also kept ties with schools in Honduras and India as they returned to invite students for the fourth and third time respectively.  “The goal is to have quality relationships, obviously with the students, but also with the schools and the counselors,” said Petty. “Just like how you’re not going to send your kid over to someone’s house that you don’t know, you’re not going to send your kid to a country o...
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Trevecca will honor MLK Day as official holiday next year

By: Maria Monteros Effective next school year, Trevecca will observe Martin Luther King (MLK) Day as an official no-class holiday. Held on the third Monday of January, MLK Day is a federal holiday dedicated to the birth and accomplishments of American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. The president’s cabinet sealed their approval in late January upon discussing next school year’s academic calendar. The decision to approve the holiday came as a proposal that Nicolette Thayer, untraditional events coordinator on SGA, has been working on since October.  “The timing was coincidental. We’ve been talking and discussing and I had already made the resolve to plead the cabinet,” said Stephen Pusey, university provost. “We just knew that we were working on the calendar for the next yea...
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Trevecca elections begins this week

By: Joshua Michel The Trevecca student body this week will elect the five executive positions of the student government. On the ballot Wednesday through Friday are the positions of president, vice president, chaplain, social life director, and communications director. ASB is the elected body of student representatives who are charged with everything from managing student activity fees, planning events on campus, and being a liaison between students and administrators. Each spring, the student body elects the executive council after each candidate delivers a speech in chapel. Below is a list of candidates and a quick summary of what they had to say Tuesday in chapel. (more…)
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Trevecca Civil Rights Trip

By:  Susanna E Taylor At Martin Luther King Jr’s home, there’s a hole in the front porch from a bombing and the woman giving the tour knew him as her pastor. She can point out the table where he sat writing speeches and wrestling with God about what to say and do. Twenty-one Trevecca students will take this tour on spring break next week as part of the Trevecca Civil Rights Tour. “Being in these places and seeing where history took place has been one of the biggest experiences of my life,” said Matthew Spraker, associate dean of student life and one of the trip leaders. (more…)
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Mayor Megan Barry discusses her proposed transit plan earlier this month on campus

By Blake Stewart Some Trevecca students and administrators are supporting a $5.4 billion plan to bring mass transit to Nashville. University President Dan Boone in September called public transit an issue for the university’s faculty and students in a letter to the editor to The Tennessean. "The university’s commuter population has continued to grow along with our enrollment numbers. That means more and more of our students are driving to campus every day, navigating crowded streets and interstates to class, with somewhat limited mass transit options,” he wrote.  “Trevecca Nazarene University boasts its largest total enrollment in our 116-year history and is negatively impacted by transit issues.” In the past five years, the number of commuting students at Trevecca h...
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Severe Weather Awareness Day

By: Morgan Woolum The National Weather Service Nashville Branch, will be hosting their annual Severe Weather Awareness Day this Saturday at Trevecca Nazarene University.   “We always try to host the event during Severe Weather Awareness Week, which happens every February and it's a joint week with the Emergency Management across the state,” said Brittney Whitehead, employee at the national weather service and coordinator of the event.   “The purpose of that week is to make people more aware of the different types of severe weather that impacts Tennessee and the southeast and try to educate people and prepare them to be able to make wise decisions whenever we have severe weather coming.” (more…)
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The Phantom Tollbooth show is delayed due to Flu

By: Princess Jones The week of The Phantom Tollbooth has been canceled after several members of the cast and crew reported being sick. The show will open next weekend instead. "This has been one hardest flu seasons I have seen on campus,” said Tasha Adams, Trevecca clinic physician assistant. Most students contracted the flu in the beginning of January. Adams averaged about 10-15 patients a day at the clinic worried about the flu. However, only one or two students tested positive for the flu each day. (more…)

How to spend Valentine’s Day…College Style

By:  Sydney Wisman A Trevecca couple was way ahead of the game when deciding what they were going to do for Valentine’s Day this year- and it won’t cost them a cent. “Honestly, we will probably use a gift card that we got for Christmas,” said junior Anna Ezell, elementary education major. “It seems like the most reasonable thing to do since we are college students.” In 2017, $18.2 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day. This special day even beats Halloween. $1.7 billion is spent on chocolate and candy and $2 billion on flowers alone. When it’s broken down, the average person spends around $136. 57. Let’s be honest. College students don’t have that kind of money laying around. (more…)
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Spiritual Deepening Week

By: Blake Stewart Spiritual Deepening week begins Monday and will continue through Thursday. Special speakers, daily devotionals, and prayer meetings are just a few of the things students can expect. Deirdre Brower Latz, the principal and senior lecturer in pastoral and social theology at Nazarene Theological College, is the featured speaker and will hold conversations involving this year’s chapel theme “I am”. (more…)
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Jacob Williams eclipses 1,000 points for career

By Andrew Preston Trevecca senior, Jacob Williams didn’t quite know how close he was to making history entering Saturday’s home against Cedarville. “I knew I was under 30 (points), but I didn’t know exactly how many I needed,” Williams said after the game. In fact, Williams learned of his accomplishment when the public address announcer told the crowd of over 800 in Trojan Fieldhouse. “When the guy announced it is when I found out,” Williams said. “It was still a close game at that point and so I was just focused on the game and executing.” Although the Trojans lost 85-82 in overtime, the 6-foot-3 guard says he was still fortunate to enter the record books at home.       “I’m super happy to get (1,000 points) at home,” Williams said. “I thought it was going to b...