Men and Women’s Golf Aiming For a Strong New Season

By Jett Johnson

Sports Editor

David Head, head coach of men’s and women’s golf, has high expectations for his team this year.

“My expectation for the golf programs for this upcoming season is that both teams will continue to improve and be able to push to win a GMAC championship in late April. Other expectations I have are that both teams will be successful in the classroom and continue to grow their relationship with Jesus,” said Head.

Head is planning on keeping with the same formula he has in place every season.

“The formula for success is pretty much the same every year. We will honor God in everything we do and be prepared for any possible situation that comes up in a round of golf. We will minimize the mistakes we make on the golf course and spend a lot of time working on our short game. We’ll also work on our mental discipline and keep a competitive attitude,” said Head.

The youth on both teams creates a hill for the team to climb when it comes to improvement. Head thinks it will be a challenge.

“Both teams are very young. Many of the players gained some experience last year, but we are still lacking in experience compared to many teams we will play against. Gaining real competitive experience takes time, and I’m anticipating that we will get better,” said Head.

Head still thinks that although for a young team, the upperclassmen will still provide valuable help to the younger players.

“Even though we have some upperclassmen on the roster, most of them are pretty inexperienced in competition. The upperclassmen on the team always provide stability with the off-the-golf course responsibilities, and my players do a great job mentoring the younger players,” said Head.

Mental toughness is a major part of every season of golf, and Head is prepared to make that a priority.

“We’re going to be working on our mental toughness as one of the main areas to focus on. I have already seen some progress with a few of them in this area of the competitive game. On the women’s team, I have two upperclassmen that have some significant competitive college golf experience. I anticipate that they will continue to develop as competitors and lead the way for the younger girls,” said Head.

Head is also going to prioritize being successful off the field as well.

“Both teams have academic goals they want to accomplish, and I know they’re motivated to accomplish them. We will also do some team building events that will allow us to give back to our community and help people in need,” said Head.

There are a few ultimate goals for the season that Head has in place.

“We want to be successful in all three aspects of the ‘Christian scholar athlete’ motto. We’ll do some things that will allow us to grow as individuals in our relationship with Jesus, and we will put ourselves in positions to be successful in the classroom as well,” he said. “We want to win tournaments and championships, but the ultimate goal is to be prepared to do our best and see where that puts us.”

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