New Weight Room for Athletes Plans to Open Next Month

By Nathan Mckissick

Staff Writer

Trevecca athletes will have their own space to workout beginning next month.

The facility, located in the TSAC building, will feature 10 weight racks, a turf area and multiple machines. It will be strictly for athletes on campus for team workouts. This facility will cost the school over $100,000 dollars and is being paid for by the school.

“We now have 360 athletes in our athletic department, which is roughly 25 percent of our student body.” said Mark Elliot, the university’s athletic director. “This new weight room gives us more opportunity to adequately train these student-athletes.”

With Trevecca athletics moving into a new conference in 2024, the facility gives the university a better chance to get athletes from all over the country.

“There are a lot of benefits,” said Dan Boone, president of Trevecca. “For the general student body population, it’s going to separate the athletic weightlifting exercise area and the general population exercise areas so that both will have their own designated space.”

Elliot explained that the weight room will be open exclusively for team workouts with coaches present and supervising.

“This will separate athletes and regular students, which can be a good thing,” said Elliot. “When entire teams are in the weight room along with students that are not a part of a sports team, it can be a lot at one time for people.”

The new weight room is currently being constructed. It is expected to be done in mid to late October for athletic teams to begin using.

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