Ongoing Battle of Ants in the UC Parking Lots

By Julia Ballard

Staff Writer

Halee Brumbaugh, University Commons resident, wasn’t far down the road when she realized ants were crawling out of her air vents.

“I was looking at the road and little ants were just coming out my air vents and crawling all around us,” said Brumbaugh.

Trevecca students have been facing a recurring ant problem since before the start of the semester.

After 19 work orders from the 270 students living in UC and a local pest company spraying seven times since Aug. 1, students continue to find ants in their cars, their parking lots and even their kitchens.

Since the beginning of the semester, ants have infested cars, apartments and various buildings ranging from Jackson Music Building to University Terrace Apartments, according to Zack Church, resident director for the University Terrace Apartments.

The Center for Student Development has addressed this issue by having routine bug spraying in the students’ designated lots and areas surrounding the building every Monday. They are also accepting any specific requests to spray in rooms, lay granules or rip up ant beds.

“I really want students to know that one of my big things that I am spending a lot of time with is getting this issue fixed. It is getting worked on and it is being addressed. It’s just one of those things that takes time,” said Jeremy Bauer, resident director of University Commons.

Leasa Williams, director of facilities management, said that there have been 19 work orders put in by University Commons students, and the third-party bug company hired by Trevecca has come to spray seven individual times since Aug. 1.

“It’s a new building and because we live so close to the creek it’s kind of like a push and pull thing that we need to be focusing on. It’s a joint effort,” said Bauer.

If you are having problems with ants, reach out to your RA, and they will provide mediators and assist you in addressing the situation. Student Development asks that each student does their part in keeping their cars, living spaces and any common spaces clean.

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