Waggoner Library Reopens With Remodeling Still in Progress

By Sol Ayala

Online News Editor

Waggoner Library is open again after being closed all of spring semester because of flood damage.

The soft opening aligned with the first day of classes on Aug. 29. with all services available, including the coffee shop 1901 and library mailroom. Though the library has new carpet, and some new furniture, it is not yet finished, said Andrea Fowler, director of library services.

The public spaces committee, a group on campus overseeing the project, said while they’re glad the library is back in its space, there are still several details to finish up.

“We knew we needed furniture, but that was really one of those things that we had to wait on,” said Diann Diehl, assistant to the associate vice president and member of the public spaces committee.

The committee is actively working on picking new furniture for the library but there is no sure finish date, as they do not know how much money it will cost or when they will be able to make all those decisions. Their guess is that they could have some new chairs after Christmas or spring break.

“Right now, what you’re seeing is a mixture of things that other buildings have just given up out of their buildings to help have some seating,” Diehl said.

Fowler said that Waggoner is essential for Trevecca students, as it represents a space that is available for everyone.

Even with temporary chairs, students have made their way back into Waggoner. Fowler said she is happy that students are back in the library and has been sharing pictures of the library being booked and busy with library officials and the public spaces committee.

Thomas Barros, a junior biology and psychology double major, said the library being closed last semester was frustrating to him.

“The library is my main study place,” Barros said. “I like the separation of my apartment is where I relax and the library is where I study.”

It was on Christmas day when the flooded library news reached the public spaces committee members.

The same day, Charles Seaman, director of financial services and member of the public spaces committee, got a video of the flooded library and started to work.

“We were asked right off the bat to pick paint colors and carpets,” said Anne Twining, assistant to the president and member of the public spaces committee. “The basic things had to be ordered right away.”

Some things, like the temporary chairs, may change after the university finishes settling the claim with its insurance company.

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