Monday, October 2

Basketball player first in history to move from JV to varsity

By Wes Sharpe

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy Trevecca Athletics

As the clock hit 0 on February 15th it almost seemed that DeRon Medley Jr would have to spend another year on the JV level despite averaging double digit points and a handful of assists in the previous two year.  

“After the game I went back and showered and got a phone call from coach Alex,” said Medley 

Alex Huisman who was the head JV coach and served as interim head coach for the Varsity men’s team.  

“He asked what I was doing the next day and I told him work. He then told me I needed to clear my schedule because I was going to be moving up and traveling with the Varsity guys to Kentucky Wesleyan,” said Medley.  

Medley described the moment as “a moment I will never forget” 

“Deron has done everything he’s been asked during his time here at Trevecca and is always willing to serve his teammates and the program, He asked to help at varsity practices after the JV season was done because he wanted to help in any way possible,” said Huisman. 

“When I arrived here in 2021, no one currently in the JV program had played varsity so I knew it would take a lot of hard work to be the first JV player to move up since I have been here,” said Medley.  

“We as coaches felt he deserved the opportunity to dress varsity for the last couple of games,” said Huisman. 

“I really do believe that if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything. I have worked so hard the last two years to get to where I am, so it’s nice to see it come together,” said Medley. 

Due to new NCAA Rules, Medley who is academically a junior still will have two more years of eligibility.  

“My goal now is to play varsity here the next two years under whoever becomes the coach. I’m looking forward to getting the chance to compete at the level I know I can,” said Medley.  

The Trevecca Athletic department has still not named who will be the next head coach.

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