Monday, October 2

Security guard talks Denver Broncos and professional football on podcast

By Wes Sharpe

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Isaiah Henderson

Isaiah Henderson has been serving and protecting the Trevecca community for over a year as a member of the security team. But when he’s not on campus patrolling, he spends his time podcasting about his favorite NFL team, the Denver Broncos.

“I started off podcasting doing an online ministry and had the tools set up. I had the idea to launch this podcast with [Jonny Baki], and we have been doing it for a little over two years now,” said Henderson.

The podcast is called “Nothing Rhymes Podcast,” which he co-hosts with his best friend, Johnny Baki. Both friends are huge fans of the Denver Broncos and decided to share their passion with the world.

“This podcast has made it possible for us to create new friends who work directly with the Broncos as well as have players from the team on the podcast. This has certainly given me a different perspective when watching the games,” said Henderson.

Henderson’s favorite part of podcasting is expanding his knowledge of professional football in general, not only the Broncos team.

“You also get to network with people not just in the podcasting world, but also the sports world,” said Henderson.

Before Henderson started security work at Trevecca, he was an active in the Army for several years and is still a part of the US National Guard.

“Isaiah has been a great addition to the team, and I appreciate his can-do attitude,” said Greg Dawson, director of security. “We occasionally talk about football and other interests at work.”

Henderson had been interested in working on campus in the past, but those plans had initially fell through. Soon after taking a new position, Henderson said he got a call from Dawson, and they were able to work things out so he could be at Trevecca.

“It was a no-brainer for me to come serve at a Christian university in a Christian environment,” said Henderson. Henderson still has big plans for the future of his podcast endeavors.

“In the future, we may expand to all Colorado teams and not just the Broncos,” said Henderson.

Henderson’s podcast “Nothing Rhymes Podcast,” alternatively titled “Nothing Rhymes with Orange and Blue,” can be found on all podcast platforms including YouTube.

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