Monday, October 2

New clubs offer students opportunities for community

By Sol Ayala

Online Media Writer

Trevecca students had four new clubs to choose from this year: table- top club, Trevecca full gospel, neuros, lightsaber club and K-pop club.

Campus now boasts 24 active clubs for students to find community. Diversity among campus clubs has been growing over the past few semesters, with several making their official debut last fall at Club Rush.

The lightsaber club is a unique new club formed out of the mutual passion for the Star Wars movie series as members find community through lightsaber fighting.

Sophomore Nathan Tramel is the lightsaber club president, and junior Aaron Margerum is vice-president, or as they like to call themselves, Jedi masters. The two teach the members of the club lightsaber combat incorporating fencing, medieval sword combat and kendo, a traditional Japanese style of fencing.

“As we are lightsaber fighting, we also get the time to get to know one another,” said Margerum. “I make it a point to remember everybody’s name. I genuinely care about people.”

The idea for the club came from Trevecca graduate Jakeim Ivory, who wanted to spread the message of having good fellowship and fun. This is a legacy the members are still focused on spreading.

The club meets on Thursday and Friday nights. If you see them fight, do not worry because they are Jedi masters well-trained in the force.

No former knowledge of lightsaber combat is needed to join, as the masters will teach new members everything they need to know.

“We try to make sure that everybody is able to come and have a good community,” Tramel said.

Both club leaders dream of expanding their activities, as they have in mind to host an all-campus watch party for Star Wars.

“We are visitor friendly,” said Tramel. “It’s come and go, so if you wanna be invested we’ll teach you more and more, but if you don’t, no biggie. It’s all about having fun.”

To contact the lightsaber club or to see what they are up to, follow their Instagram @trevecca_lightsaber_academy.

The K-pop club has been around since fall of 2022 and is ready to welcome those who want to explore a different music genre.

The vision for the K-pop club originated with a couple of friends who loved K-pop and wanted to start a club at Trevecca. With the help of Leigh Ann Bussell, associate professor of sport management, they were able to make it official.

During their club meetings, members gather to watch new music video releases from K-pop groups, talk about Korean fashion and style, and have the occasional discussion about who their “ultimate bias” is.

While the group is still relatively new, they are already working on new things to try. On Feb. 12, members are going to the P1Harmony concert, as the South Korean group plays for the first time in Nashville. The members are also taking a second trip on Feb. 24 to the Hard Rock Café for a Nashville K-pop club night, a K-pop DJ theme party.

“We just find community within each other,” said Carmen Jones, club president.

The club’s mission is to educate others on K-pop and the subculture that surrounds it. Members are more than happy to talk to others who love K-pop as much as they do or those who are just

interested in learning more. Follow the club on their Instagram @tnukpop.

Clubs bring Trevecca students close, and SGA is always looking for more unique and diverse club proposals. When revising a club proposal, SGA representatives discuss and look for how a new club will grow in the community.

“We look for inclusivity,” said Cailsey Scott ASB vice president. “Is it going to have a good impact on our campus?”

To submit a request to form a club, contact Jeremiah Bauer in the center for student development at jwbauer@

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