Thursday, September 21

Student athletes supporting each other in recovery after car accident

By David Wilson

Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of Samantha Rosencrants

Abigail Baggott and Samantha Rosencrants do not go a day without talking to each other. Now, a bond has been formed between the two that will tie their lives together forever. 

Baggott and Rosencrants were injured in a car accident on Sept. 12. 

“We were already so close, but after this accident, we both know we are going to be friends for the rest of our lives. We lean on each other a lot for emotional support. She’s truly an amazing girl,” said Rosencrants. 

Baggott and Rosencrants were headed to cross-country practice in Bellevue when the accident occurred on Highway 100, near Highway 70 South. 

“I was rushing,” said Baggott, who was the driver of the vehicle. “Samantha and I had a class get out at 2:50. Our practice was at 3:30, and it was a 30-minute drive to get there. It was just an accident.”

Both women were rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and were treated for their injuries. 

Baggot sustained a head injury and went into a coma. 

“I have no memories of what happened after the accident. I just remember stuff from what people have told me,” said Baggott. 

Rosencrants suffered from a spinal injury. 

“Life right now has been slow, quiet, and calm. A day in my life for me is waking up and taking medicine. I am doing great walking again, so I try to walk around the house. I mainly spend my day laying down watching movies and talking to Abi,” said Rosencrants. 

Trevecca’s cross-country team would go on to compete that weekend on Sept.17 in the inaugural Michael Pretorius Invitational at Vaughn’s Gap — an event dedicated to the late Michael Pretorius who passed away this July from a battle with cancer. 

“After extensive discussions with our athletes and athletic administration and taking into consideration feedback from Samantha and Abigail’s families, we’ve decided [that] moving forward with the Michael Pretorius Invitational Saturday is the best decision,” said Austin Selby, Trevecca cross-country head coach.

Now a month later, both women are on the road to recovery. 

Baggott has returned to her hometown of Atlanta, but she continues to visit the Trevecca campus on a regular basis. 

“I just want to say thank you to the entire Trevecca community. I am very appreciative for everyone’s love and support over the last couple of weeks,” said Baggott. 

Photo courtesy of Samantha Rosencrants

Rosencrants has continued her rehab in Clarksville. 

“Trevecca has been the most supportive community that I have ever had. It’s honestly the best surprise I have ever gotten. I am usually a quiet, independent person who does not ask for help, but Trevecca was so quick to offer assistance, gifts and love,” said Rosencrants. 

Baggot and Rosencrants have withdrawn from Trevecca for the fall semester, but they hope to return as full-time students in the spring. 

“I so dearly miss the normalities of studying, running and being on campus. Both Abi and I tried to make the promise that we can both at least enroll for the spring semester so we can continue [our] academic careers,” said Rosencrants. 

Baggott hopes to rejoin athletic competition in the spring. 

“They are both recovering well and [are] super motivated to get life back to normal as possible. We are ready to welcome them back as soon as they receive clearance from their doctors to be able to do so,” said Selby. 

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