Thursday, September 21

Student focus groups to start this week to continue discussion about racial climate on campus

By Claudia Villeda

Online Media Editor

Following the results of the campus climate survey last spring, third-party moderators will begin conducting student focus groups this week to continue the discussion of racial issues on campus.

Emails were sent out last week by Terrance Schofield, associate provost of mission excellence and reconciliation. with a sign-up form for any volunteers.

The email from Schofield also included a video with President Dan Boone encouraging students to volunteer. Boone hopes the feedback from the groups will help administration know how to “help students feel a sense of belonging” at Trevecca. 

In an all-student effort to get volunteers, Schofield had campus organizations like SGA and Futuro also join in to promote the focus groups.

ASB President Giselle Jerezano hosted a sign-up table Monday. Jerezano said she noticed students were eager to participate. 

“I thought there wasn’t going to be anyone to sign up, but they, especially minorities, were saying they had things they wanted to share,” said Jerezano. 

Schofield emphasized getting minority groups to talk in this case, according to Jerezano. 

Groups begin Oct. 27 throughout various times of the day. There will be four groups, each consisting of eight students.

“Each group will focus on helping the university better understand areas of needed improvement as we seek to foster student belonging on campus,” said Schofield in the email. 

To sign up follow the link

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