Tuesday, October 3

New director of leadership and community engagement joins Trevecca

By Claudia Villeda

Online media editor

New faculty member Justin Jose joined Trevecca this semester as director of leadership and community engagement. 

The director of leadership and community engagement is a reimagined role from the previous community engagement and reconciliation position held, said Megan McGhee, associate dean of student life. 

“When Dr. Brodrick Thomas left Trevecca last year, we had just reimagined his role to be what this role is now. So there are elements of what Dr. Thomas did when he was on campus, but there are some new aspects to it as well,” said McGhee.

There are four main aspects of this position: serving as sponsor for the diversity committee, working with community engagement initiatives, leadership development and overseeing chapel engagement. 

Jose’s position allows him to work directly with students and higher administration. He will be the middle ground that connects the two. 

“I think this is going to be an important position for someone who’s a professional staff member that can serve as that bridge between the students and our administration,” said McGhee.

Students can reach out to Jose for leadership development opportunities, as he is advisor for Trevecca’s NSLS chapter. He will be able to connect students to community leaders and community service. Jose will also be the person to contact with chapel credit questions.  

Jose will work directly with Selah Torralba, ASB director of inclusion and belonging. Jose will be a main faculty member to reach out to for diversity support on campus. 

Jose has 13 years of experience working with Christian higher education institutions. He has experience as a resident assistant in undergrad and as a resident director at Covenant College and Grove City College. In 2017, he became director of multicultural education and initiatives at Grove City College.

“I’ve had experience working with college students in various settings and different places, and it’s something I’m really grateful for the way that the Lord has provided opportunities for that,” he said.

Jose found he was interested in working with college-aged students after being involved in residence life work.

“It’s a really neat opportunity to work with people who are in this stage of life as adults, and learning to become responsible citizens and people who are advocates for being good neighbors,” said Jose. 

Other new positions like the associate provost of mission excellence and reconciliation and the director of inclusion and belonging in SGA were created within the past year. McGhee says the university was strategic in creating these new roles on campus that promote Trevecca’s mission “to be an institution that provides education for leadership and service.” 

Jose began working remotely at the start of the semester and relocated to Nashville during fall break. His first day was Oct. 12. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Trevecca students, faculty and staff and getting to know people there and becoming a part of the community,” said Jose.

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