Thursday, September 21

Morgan Morris finishes first year as new director of student life

By Abigail Allen

Morgan Morris is about to wrap up her first year at Trevecca Nazarene University in a position within the center for student developments that is just as new to the university as she is.

Originally the dean of community life took on the responsibilities of both dean and director. Now that Morris has stepped into this new position, she has assumed the responsibilities of director. 

Before starting her new role as the director of student life, Morris could never have imagined the community she would become a part of at Trevecca. 

“My college experience was incredibly formative for me, and I wanted to be a part of that work in the lives of students,” said Morris. 

Morris developed her passion for students at John Brown University, where she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education. From there, she went on to graduate school at Taylor University, where she completed a degree in Higher Education and Student Development. 

Morris made it her goal to create meaningful and memorable learning opportunities outside of the classroom for Trevecca students. Her passion lies with people, especially college students, as well as with challenge and support for the people she works with. 

“During my own college experience, I was so thankful for faculty and staff who came alongside me in my best moments and in difficult moments. I wanted to offer that to other students,” said Morris. 

The role was taken over by Morris in April 2021. Since then, Morris has worked with the Student Government Association to plan major campus events, assist clubs and organizations, and support intramural programming on campus.  

“Morgan has helped SGA plan better and be more intentional about the things that we do as we serve our student body,” said Benjamin Magana, a senior majoring in business community development. 

Among those who work most closely with Morris is Laney Yancey, graduate assistant for student life. 

Trevecca prides itself on being a relational campus, and Morgan fits into that culture really well, said Yancey. 

“She has put so much more structure into the role. I mean, it is a brand-new role; no one else has had it before,” said Yancey. 

Since filling the director of student life position, Morris has worked closely with students and has allowed them the freedom to be creative in their work, while also motivating them in their college journey. 

“I try to listen to the polls on campus and address student questions and concerns in the best possible way,” said Morris. 

Magana worked with Morris throughout the summer before the current school year to prepare and train for leadership during the upcoming semesters. 

“Without her role, it would be really difficult to do lots of things,” said Magana. 

Magana said he is thankful for Morris for her motivation to students, and her contribution to activities during the school year. 

Morris has kept herself busy with upcoming student affairs that are to be revealed within the next few months. 

“Without a doubt, my students and colleagues have been my favorite part of my job. We have some incredible students at Trevecca, and I have enjoyed working with many of them this year,” said Morris. 

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