Thursday, September 21

Trevecca set to hold second Giving Day fundraising event

By Brooke Reese

Trevecca’s second annual Giving Day is set to take place Tuesday, March 15.

The 24-hour campaign offers donors the chance to support academic programs, scholarships, athletics and facilities. Some of the main projects looking to be funded this year include a theater in Jernigan with a video wall where students can watch games, renovations and additions to athletic facilities and academic scholarships.

Last year, the inaugural event’s initial goal was to engage 500 donors and raise $250,000. The event ended with over 1,200 donors and a collective of $1.2 million. 

“I think that one thing last year, I think the world, the Trevecca community at large needed a little bit of hope, and I think we’ve got a glimpse of that on Trevecca’s Giving Day.” said Christy Grant, engagement officer of operations and gift stewardship. “It was like, ‘Wow, we were so excited to come together around something that we all believe in.’ And I think that that can only continue to grow as more and more people get it, get inspired by the day and participate.”

This year’s goal is 1,500 donors and $1.5 million.

“This will be possible only with the help of our whole community coming together and encouraging one another to participate,” said Peggy Cooning, vice president of university engagement.

Cooning’s team is in the process of recruiting alumni, employees and students to be advocates by posting on social media and asking their personal networks to participate, she said.

Aside from donating, being an advocate for the day is one of the biggest ways for students to participate, said Cooning.

  “We’re hoping to launch the giving data site very soon. And there will be a link to become an advocate,” said Cooning. “We’re not asking for students to give a lot of money. We just want them to hold up their hand and say, “Yeah, we’re a part of this. We know that when everybody comes together, things can happen,’” she said.

There will also be an event for students to attend to celebrate the day together, with games, snacks, and speakers. Sophomore Lilly Poe attended the event last year and said she learned about how fundraising contributes to students’ experiences on campus.

“I think going to school you don’t always realize how much goes behind what you get to live every day. So learning about this, the things that people have contributed and are continuing to contribute so that I can be here and have the opportunities that I get to have is really cool,” she said. 

Grant said her favorite part of Giving Day is seeing the stories of how Trevecca is changing lives. 

“It’s really watching all the posts on social media, watching people engage and talk about or share their own personal stories about how Trevecca impacted their lives. Because that’s what comes out of the woodwork here,” she said. “It’s not just for trying to raise all this money. But what really comes to light are the stories that Trevecca helped change the trajectory of someone’s life and or health and a scholarship made the difference for them to be able to earn their degree.

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