Students working to bring Delight ministries back on campus

By Eden Harden

Five Trevecca students are working to bring Delight back to campus to create more opportunities for women to build community. 

Delight, a national ministry whose mission is to “invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories,” existed at Trevecca prior to 2020, but floundered during Covid-19. 

Delight ministries originally started at Belmont in Nashville in 2013. It is now on 205 college campuses and includes more than 14,000 women. 

Trevecca will fully launch a campus chapter in the spring of 2022.  

“Delight is different from other ministries for college students because it is just right here on campus, and we as students are able to see the firsthand needs of our peers and be able to meet them by investing in their lives personally and growing authentic friendships, while also growing in our faith,” said Camille Kistner, freshman and community director for Delight. “We as Trevecca women are able to do life together each day.”   

Living in a world of distraction and confusion, Madeigh Reust, the team director for Delight at Trevecca, shared that she is looking forward to creating unity among women of all walks of life. Reust said she believes there is a lack of genuine community and that there needs to be a place where all women feel welcomed.  

“We want Delight to become family on this campus and we so desperately want every girl on this campus to be a part of this family,” Reust said.  

The former group fizzled out due to “poor planning” and “non-intentional leadership,” Reust said. The team now includes women from various states, social groups, grades, and majors. They have been meeting on a weekly basis to build a structure that will spiritually and mentally strengthen the group, Reust said.  

“When Delight is fully up and running, we’ll have weekly meetings throughout the semester where we get to hang out and grow in relationships with others and with Christ. Along with these weekly meetings, we’ll have one to two events each month to just have fun with each other outside of those meetings,” said Reust.

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