Monday, October 2

Commuter council back on campus

By Alaina Goode

After a year-long pause because of Covid-19, the Trevecca Commuter Council is back and advocating for students who don’t live on campus.

Inadequate vending machine options, lack of space in the commuter lounge, cramped parking and the start time of most events on campus were some of the concerns commuter students raised at the first meeting in October. 

“We matter too. Just because we might not pay as much, does not mean that we do not deserve the same resources that are provided and the same care. We should not be forgotten,” said Liliana Castro, sophomore and president of the council. 

Because of the pandemic and lack of steady leadership, the Commuter Council was put on pause in 2020-21. Castro saw this issue and took it upon herself to form an executive team and contact Logan Newkirk, a residential director and coordinator of clubs and organizations. 

“They (the current council) have exposure to what the council looked like before, without the various restrictions from COVID. Between that, they also have a varied approach with how to make programming happen effectively on-campus for students,” said Newkirk. 

Around 500 undergraduate students at Trevecca commute to campus and live an average of 20 to 60 minutes from campus. Students said traffic can be a challenge, but the financial savings is worth it.

Other challenges include meeting people and being able to attend student events. 

“I feel like it’s so much harder for a commuter to make friends than someone on campus,” said Maria Pimentel, a sophomore and member of the club. 

Castro said one of the goals of the first meeting was to introduce the commuters to each other but also to encourage them to get involved with all types of students. The commuter council meets bi-weekly and is well into the process of planning events. 

The elected commuter council for the school year of 2021-22 is as follows: Lilian Castro as president, sophomore Bethany Frigo as vice president, junior Evelyn Luna as social life director, sophomore Leo Mendez as director of communications, and junior Francisco Carrascal Saenz as treasurer. 

If you have questions or want to be involved with the Trevecca Commuter Council, please email Liliana Castro at: 

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