Tuesday, October 3

Fewer parking spaces during construction

By Miriam Rixon

Ongoing construction projects on campus are limiting the amount of parking spaces available for students and employees. 

Around 100 fewer spaces are available this fall.

The construction of the new health and science building attached to Greathouse, the new dorm behind Georgia Hall and the renovation of the Jernigan Student Center amplifies parking issues on campus, said Greg Dawson, head of security. 

Due to the renovations taking place in the Jernigan student center, the cafeteria has been temporarily shifted to the Boone convocation center. This caused an uptick of students driving to Boone for meals and taking up spaces in the commuter parking lot in between the Greathouse building and Boone. 

“In 2020 we had a total of 1,603 parking spaces and in 2021 we have a total of 1,496 parking spaces,” Dawson said. 

Limited parking spaces have posed a hindrance to employees and students, especially commuters since students are driving to the Boone convocation center for meals and classes, said Hunter Elliot, all student body president. 

“Students want to park on the north side of Hart St. because 83% of our classroom space is on the north side of the campus,” said Dawson. “We tried to make adjustments with parking by pushing a lot of the construction workers to the outskirts of campus so that we can prioritize parking for the students.”  

Parking spaces are being taken up by construction company vehicles particularly behind the health and science building, the Jackson center for music and worship arts and the arts annex. 

Students are encouraged to park in the lot behind Jackson and the lot behind Trevecca Towers on Woodard Ave. 

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