Tuesday, October 3

TREK is back in full swing after Covid-19

By Eliana Rogers

Photo provided by Aoiza Carrero

The three-day backpacking trips for LINK students are back this semester, with the addition of following COVID-19 safety requirements. 

Last year the annual camping trip for freshmen who signed up came to a standstill with trips being postponed due to COVID-19. 

TREK students will be following the same campus Covid-19 procedures during the trips, said Sommer Bright, a peer mentor. Masks are required when in enclosed spaces during travel, but are not required outdoors. 

TREK groups have an extra adventure in addition to the classes and outings that all LINK groups do. The trip involves backpacking at the South Cumberland plateau for three days during the fall semester. 

“TREK is open to all new students enrolled in Trevecca’s Life, Calling, and Purpose course, a required class for all new students,” according to the Trevecca website. 

The classes spend time discussing outdoor skills so no one feels underprepared. The university provides gear for the students, and is open to those who have backpacked before and those who have never even slept in a tent. 

“I’m really excited to get out in the woods again, all the stillness and the quietness, and getting to know the people in my group better. We have a really awesome group,” said Miciah White, a freshman in the TREK group.

“We’re planning a trip for upperclassmen in the spring. I’m looking towards having out-of-state trips eventually and this will be the gateway for that,” said Kathy Gutierrez Eberly, coordinator of campus recreation and head of TREK. 

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