Wednesday, May 31

Boonearoo X returns to campus

by Claudia Villeda

Boonearoo X will be held on Saturday, May 1 in the quad. 

Trevecca’s annual music festival is back, headlined this year by The New Respects and Jordy Searcy. Various activities such as a painting station and a flower wall photo booth will also be available. The event will start at 3 p.m. and admission is free.

Boonearoo is a casual hangout event for students to enjoy before finals, said Rachel Thompson, associate student body social life director. 

Special sets for this live show include performances by local Belmont artists The Brothers Holk and Watson Maack, Trevecca alumnus Gabrielle Grace and an original spoken word by Trevecca students of color. 

Boonearoo is normally held in the spring before the end of the semester. Like many events, the pandemic prevented Boonearoo from happening last year.

Students enjoy Boonearoo 2018.

“This is my last event as social life director, and I am very excited. This is the first time, that I, as a junior, will get to see Boonearoo. My freshman year we had Boonearoo Lite which was very different than what a normal Boonearoo is like. And then of course because of COVID-19, we didn’t have it last year, so this is the first really big Boonearoo event that we’re having,” said Thompson.

Masks are no longer required by the Metro Health Department for outdoor public areas, but students are still encouraged to social distance at Boonearoo. 

“I don’t want people to miss it. I really just hope everyone comes out and enjoys themselves,” said Thompson. 

Further information leading up to Boonearoo can be found on the SGA Instagram, @tnusga.

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