Tuesday, October 3

Antojitos event to showcase cultural cuisine

By Joshua Michel

Futuro and International Student Council will celebrate “Antojitos Day” today. The event starts at 3 p.m. and is open to all Trevecca students. The location is to be updated by @futurotnu on Instagram based on weather.

Antojitos, a Spanish word meaning “cravings”, will showcase dishes from around the world that students can sample. All food will come from local restaurants or will be prepared by the members of Futuro and the International Student Council.

“The event idea originated from a student named Gloria Maysse in which she envisioned students getting a small taste of the Latin culture… our idea grew and transformed into it being all-inclusive to other cultures,” said Ana Chavez, president of Futuro.

Lal Zudei, Gloria Maysse, Marcela Castro, Maria Hernandez, and Chavez organized the event. The event also celebrates a grant that Trevecca received from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in 2020 to recognize the immigrant, DACA, F1-Visa, and first-generation students at Trevecca. 

Brodrick Thomas, director of community engagement and reconciliation, encouraged the idea that Futuro should partner with the International Students Council to celebrate and honor immigrant students on campus. Antojitos Day is one way that the two organizations are doing this. 

“Futuro has taught so many of my non-Hispanic friends about our culture and I want to share it with the rest of the students. It’ll be a fun way for the students and members to get a taste of the cultures from all around the world,” said Gloria Maysse, vice president of treasury for records for Futuro.

Tacos Lopez will provide tacos, tortas, and quesadillas, representing Mexico. King Market will serve spring rolls, crab wontons, and egg rolls, exhibiting Thai-Lao cuisine. Council and club members will prepare fruit cups, corn cups, noodles with egg, and pastelitos, a Cuban pastry. 

Also on display will be desserts and delicacies representing Korea, Japan, El Salvador, Israel, Europe. Candy treats from Mexico and Africa and a variety of internationally influenced drinks will be provided.

Ingredients came from local international markets including Fresh & Fresh, King Market, Leone Star African Market, TN Oriental Market, and Baraka International Market and Bakery. 

Music from all over the globe will be played to contribute to the international atmosphere. 

“We wanted it to be a grab-and-go while making it COVID-safe and friendly. I hope [students] get to come and enjoy the yummy foods and treats,” said Chavez. 

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