Trevecca marketing team gains new leader and vision

Trevecca will soon have a redesigned website under the direction of the new leader of the marketing department. 

Mollie Yoder, who was hired in December to fill the vacant associate vice president of marketing and communications position, is four months into her new role and focused mostly on launching a new website for the university and building her new team.

Yoder was hired after a months-long search to replace Matt Toy, who resigned from the position last year, said Holly Whitby, vice president of enrollment and marketing.

Yoder has a bachelor’s degree in communication and public relations and a master’s in business management and leadership from Liberty University, where she worked as the director of marketing from 2009 to 2016. Most recently, she was the director of marketing and membership at the Pocket Testament League, a Christian nonprofit. Yoder is married to her husband Leonard Yoder, and has two children.

“We found Mollie by a referral,” said Whitby. “[She] kind of just checked all of the boxes that I felt like the cabinet was looking for in our next marketing leader.”

Since Yoder stepped into her role at Trevecca, four marketing employees quit their jobs. Yoder said this is a typical occurrence in the industry.

“They all left for great opportunities that built upon their experience and the great work they had done at Trevecca,” she said. “So we’re cheering them on, but also excited for who God is going to bring to our team next.”

Yoder said there are open positions on the marketing team currently posted on the Trevecca human resources website, but they are taking their time to find the right fit.

“We want to make sure we are taking this process very seriously, and that we are baking it all in prayer,” she said.

Yoder and her team are excited about several projects they have in the works, including a new Trevecca website expected to be completed in the next 12 months.

“We are all working full steam ahead towards a brand new in the next 12 months, that’s one of our big core goals,” she said.

Since returning to work marketing in higher education, Yoder said she has loved being back in a campus environment.

“I missed the campus environment, I missed being a part of student’s development,” she said. “And Christian higher [education] has a big place in my own story, so it was exciting to come back to that.”

One of Yoder’s priorities is to partner with other departments on campus to give students an opportunity to gain exposure and experience in their desired fields. She said the marketing department has worked with Stefanie Edwards in the graphic design program to give her design students some public-facing projects.

“I think there is going to be more and more opportunities like that as I step into this leadership role, and as we grow our team, to provide our students with really practical experience,” Yoder said. “I love pouring into students and helping them learn even outside of the classroom.”

Going forward, Yoder said she is excited to build on the past successes of the marketing team, and that she is proud of her team for “rolling up their sleeves and [having] a get-it-done attitude.”

“Our department gets to tell the Trevecca story,” she said. “Getting to tell that story is what wakes us up in the morning and gets us excited.”

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