Thursday, September 21

Students stay fit while social distancing

When on campus, Micah Dearing goes to the gym five times a week, but now he’s forced to come up with a new plan to keep himself in shape.

“When quarantine first started, my roommates and I made this whole workout routine, and we stuck with it for a while. Eventually, as we all slowly headed home and got hit with schoolwork we stopped lifting altogether,” he said. “But I do try and get outside and stay semi-fit. I dug my old bike ride out of my shed and cleaned it up. Now I ride that for a few miles every day.”

Dearing is not the only one who has had to change up his routine to find new ways to stay fit. Students who find themselves at home with limited fitness equipment and space are trying to find new ways of staying in shape.

Courtney Hodgin is a member of Trevecca’s ultimate frisbee team, so part of her routine includes six hours of practice during the week, along with a weight room routine three times a week.

“It’s been much harder working out because all the gyms are closed which made me really unmotivated and I’m just now getting back into working out,” Hodgin said.

For other students, quarantine has prompted them to put a newfound focus on their physical health.

Lauryn Johns has been spending her quarantine in sunny Florida. Lauryn says that when she’s on campus, working out is not a focus for her.

“I consider walking to Boone twice a day, everyday my daily workout, since I generally wear heels,” she said.

But since being quarantined in Florida, Johns said she has been able to be outside more often thanks to the weather, and regularly goes for runs with her dog.

“I do very much value the ability I have to work on my physical health,” Johns said.

Jaylen Avant is also thinking more about his physical health during this time.

“I find myself exercising more to keep myself busy,” Avant said. “As of right now, I have established a routine that I will be able to implement on a daily basis. I have even been encouraged to make time to go to the gym more often [after quarantine].”

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